With the pandemic disrupting our way of doing things, banks have not been spared. Moreover, exchanging money is one of the easiest routes of transmitting the virus. Therefore, if you can, avoid queuing in the bank unless it is inevitable.

You can deposit your check using your banking mobile app. After all, isn’t advanced technology about making life easier and more comfortable? Embrace it by using an Android or iPhone to enjoy the limitless benefits.


As long as you have downloaded the mobile app on your smartphone, you should be able to deposit your check. Even when you have traveled and the bank doesn’t have a branch in the area where you are, you can still deposit your check. Read on to learn more about this.

Mobile Check Deposit - Is it Really Secure?
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Download the Right Banking App

It is important that the first thing you do is get the right banking app. You know there are many similar apps and it can be confusing which one to take. 

It is advisable that you go to your bank’s website first and from there, you’ll be directed to the right app. This ensures safety of your sensitive information and money doesn’t have to land in the wrong hands.


Keep the Hard Copy for Some Time

After you have gotten the hang of mobile check depositing, it’s so easy to toss the physical check away immediately after making the transaction. Rather it is advisable to keep it for some time, say five days, in case the bank has questions to ask you. 

Keeping it is for your security, just in case the funds don’t get deposited or your check bounces. Check your online statement to ensure your payment has been approved.

Endorse the Check

Much as it is called remote online check deposit, you’ll still have to endorse your check by signing at the back. This is to ensure it is you making this transaction. You are also required to tick the “mobile deposit box


Another way you can endorse this transaction is writing “for mobile deposit only under your signature. All this is for security purposes since the bank already has your signature. If some information is missing, the process won’t be successful.

Use Your Phone to Take the Right Picture

Getting the right picture for your mobile deposit can be tricky at first, but it gets better with time. The banks know this, and it’s the banking app that will help you. 

All you need to do is position your check properly. Also, when you move your phone to ensure the photo box is closely outlined around your check, you’ll be able to use the automatic snapshot feature.

Also, get a darker background behind your check for a clearer picture. Remember to take both the front and back of your check after you have endorsed it. This to make sure all the necessary information is snapped and there is little or no room for any suspicions.

Your Phone Doesn't Keep the Photos

Mobile Check Deposit - Is it Really Secure?
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You may think your sensitive information might be exposed in some way. However, your images of your checks won’t get stored on your phone. Rather, it’s the bank apps that will store your data that includes images. This protects you, and your financial information.


Mobile check deposit is here to save your time and convenience. You can deposit your check at anytime and anywhere. It is to save you those trips to the bank. 

It is secure and you will have to observe some rules to ensure your information is intact. For example, download only the right banking app using your bank’s website. Also, keep the physical check for some time in case you need to clarify something.