It is a good habit to learn financial discipline at an early age. Very many apps have been developed to help students track their spending and learn saving at an early age. 

Developers know students don’t have much money, and these apps are tailored for them and other people in the same boat. Since you can’t afford to hire a financial advisor or any professional to help you, then financial apps are your best ally. 


In this article, we discuss some of the best financial apps on the market for students. Read below to learn about them and discover how you can download them.

Best Financial Apps for Students - Discover Them
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It is one of the most loved financial apps that will help you stay in control of all your money. It has a simple to use interface that anyone can learn within a short time. 

It will allow you make a budget in simple steps and will help you follow it. When you are close to your budget limit, it will send you alerts and you know you have to forfeit some things if you have a long way to go within the same budget. 


Also, in case you have bills to pay, or go over your budget, it will let you know. Mint will also send you tips on how to maximize your money every day. For instance, it will tell you not to buy 3 coffees from Starbucks daily, to use public transport instead of an Uber, etc.


This is your best friend in financial matters. It connects with all your financial accounts and judging from it's health, it will help you keep track of your spending. 

Since the app can tell your income, it bases on it to help you limit your spending habits. For those with an overspending history and have failed to break it, you need this app. Moreover it’s easy to use and even the not tech-savvy can use it.


Personal Capital

This is more of a personal investment advisor as opposed to being a personal finance app. It will show your net worth and analyze your investment to find any hidden fees. 

It has a free automated analysis of the current fees that you are paying. If you have saved a substantial amount and need an investment PA, look no further than Personal Capital. 


Who of you is guilty of mismanaging their accounts? We all are sometimes, and that’s why the Simple app is here to do the work for you. This app is a bank that exists in air

It combines your finances into one consolidated account by replacing your account with theirs yet giving you a clear view of your bank account. It has a goal feature that helps you boost your savings account.


Best Financial Apps for Students - Discover Them

This app links directly to your bank account hence will make it easy for you to manage and track your finances. It will automatically categorize your expenses into groceries, restaurant, entertainment, and other areas in which you are likely to spend money. 

LearnVest helps you know where you are spending most of your money and how you can minimize it. LearnVest also allows you set up budgets for rent, insurance, loans, etc that you pay regularly.


If you are a student, it is important that you get some of these financial apps. Granted you don’t have lots of money, but who said financial discipline is for only those with lots of money? Start with the little that you have and learn the basics of saving, tracking your spending, simple investments, etc.