Businesses and even individuals need financial advisors to help their businesses grow and get full satisfaction. The fee-based registered investment advisor community has been using holistic financial planning for some time now. 

However, with increased demand from consumers, financial advisors have got to use sophisticated and advanced financial planning software to meet these demands. 


If your clients don’t get the financial planning advice they deserve, they can get it from elsewhere. Below are some of the best financial planning technology for you. Read on to learn more about them.

Discover Some of the Best Types of Financial Planning Technology

What Is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is a process that involves comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s or business’ current pay and future financial state through using current known variables to predict asset values, future income, and withdrawal plans.  

In other words, financial planning involves determining the activities, equipment, and resources needed for a business or individual achieve their strategic objectives and goals. 


Financial planning uses different financial technology that competes with traditional financial methods to provide the best finance activities. 

To achieve these results, you’ll have to adopt financial technology practices that help in insurance, automating investments and risk management.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term that blankets different technologies. In the fintech industry, AI is used in different forms, like AI Algorithms that predict stock market changes and give insight into the economy. 


Also, Artificial Intelligence is used in fintech to provide insight to customer spending habits, and it allows financial institutions to understand their clients better. 


A Chatbot is a software application that conducts online chat conversation using text-to-speech or text in order to provide a live human agent direct contact.  

Chatbots are designed to convincingly simulate how a human behaves as a conversational partner. As a result, Chatbots systems need continuous testing and tuning that has led to many in production stay adequately unable to pass the industry average Turing test. 

Chat bots are used for various purposes in dialog systems, like request routing, customer service, or information gathering. 

Much as some Chatbot applications use natural language processors, extensive-word-classification, and sophisticated AI, others are simple and just scan general words to generate responses using common words obtained from a linked database or library.

Big Data

This is another financial technology that financial institutions use today. It can be used to project market changes and client investment and create new portfolios and strategies. 

Also, Big Data is used to explore customer spending habits, which in turn improves fraud detection. Banks use Big Data to create segmented marketing strategies and hence can be used to elevate a company’s operations.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

This is another AI technology that emphasizes automatic specific repetitive tasks. In fintech, RPA performs manual tasks that are usually repetitive and completed daily. 

Since these tasks require information input into a system and don’t need much skill, companies are replacing them with RPA that completes the task faster and more efficiently.

RPA helps in processing financial information, like accounts receivable and payable, which makes it more efficient and accurate as opposed to doing it manually. Therefore, RPAS help in increasing productivity of a financial company.


Blockckain is a financial technology that was developed for finance purposes and therefore has direct links with financial institutions. Much as blockchain is still a new and growing technology, many companies appreciate its impacts and are investing in it accordingly. 

Saving Apps

There are various saving apps that use different software that people can adopt to track their spending. Depending on your needs, you can download an app that suits you. 

Some of these apps include Clarity money, Qapital, Chime, Mint, Honey, and others. You want to check the benefits of each over the others before you zero in on one that is ideal for your financial needs. 

Mobile Banking

Discover Some of the Best Types of Financial Planning Technology
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Mobile banking is another fintech type people are adopting to increase productivity. Instead of lining up in long bank queues, you can do your banking transaction on your mobile in the comfort of your work place or home. This means you have more time to be productive.

The Bottom Line

Financial planning technology is being adopted by advisors and individuals to change the way financial services are carried out and to increase production. If investors can use them to predict the future of bonds and market changes, they will invest wisely.