Are you trying to talk yourself out of applying for college? College is expensive, but it is also totally worth it! Job stability, financial gain, personal satisfaction, a college degree will offer tons of benefits for you. 

Thankfully, with proper planning, you can finance your college education. Don’t worry, you don’t have to bury yourself in debt. Apply for financial aid, get a side job, or choose a less expensive college if you have to, but do not skip college. 


In this article, you can explore five different ways to earn money for college. Keep reading to see how you can get a college degree without going broke. You’ll never think a college degree is too expensive ever again!

Discover These Reliable Ways to Get Money for College

Apply for Scholarships and Federal Student Aids

There are thousands of merit and need-based scholarships available to help students pay for college expenses. What’s more, academic scholarships are not your only hope. You can apply for plenty of scholarships even if you are not a top student.


You can earn college funding based on your community service reputation, athletic achievements, or unique hobbies. Don’t forget to apply for the late-deadline scholarships too.

That’s not all, you can get a tuition waiver for your personal background, having military affiliations, or financial needs. Moreover, students with financial needs can apply for Federal Student Aids such as FAFSA.   

Seek Financial Support From Family 

If all else fails, you can ask for help from family members. They can contribute to your tax-advantaged savings account for college. This is called the 529 plan. Alternatively, they can help pay for other college necessities and supplies directly. 


The 529 plan allows individuals to not only save, but also invest money for certain educational expenses. Different family members can contribute to this fund and add money to the account with you as the beneficiary.

What makes this saving plan so great? This account will give you a tax break for all your investments’ earnings. If you start saving early and invest over time, you can save thousands of dollars worth of tax. 

Choose Less Expensive College Options

Choose a college that offers quality education but does not cost too much. Community college is perhaps the ideal example. 

You don’t even have to complete community college. Take some financial pressure off your shoulders by enrolling in one of these inexpensive options. Later, when you are more financially stable, you can transfer to a four-year institution of your choice.

You may take all the general education courses at community college. Once you have these course requirements out of the way, you can shift to a better school. This way, you can get a reputable college degree without even paying very high tuition. 

Earn Money From Work-Study Jobs

One of the most common ways to earn money as a student is to take up a work-study job. These are part-time jobs either on-campus or near the college premises. The eligibility of students for these jobs depends on available funding and financial status. 

To qualify for work-study jobs, you have to submit the FAFSA application. Such jobs can help you earn a stable monthly income. However, it is not enough to cover complete college expenses as you can only work for limited hours each week.

If you do not qualify for work-study jobs or strive to cover more than just miscellaneous expenses from your salary, you can look for other part-time jobs. Do not hesitate to take up jobs like tutoring, dog walking, and babysitting. 

Other Tactics

Discover These Reliable Ways to Get Money for College

Thanks to technological advancements, there are plenty of opportunities. Try novel techniques such as crowdfunding. You can rely on crowdfunding sites, such as GoFundMe to earn some extra cash to cover college expenses

Even better, you can take up a side-hustle. Be it blogging, running an online shop, or making Youtube videos, you have countless options. 

Choose a creative side-hustle to help you make some extra cash for college. There is no limit to how much you can earn from such means. So, work with dedication and watch all your dreams come true. 


College education sure costs a lot, but it's not impossible to pay for college. Employ one or more of the mentioned techniques and get the education you deserve.