Ever since his debut in Super Mario World, Yoshi has been one of the most popular characters in the Super Mario franchise. This dinosaur is Mario's trusted sidekick apart from his brother Luigi. 

Yoshi has relatively remained the same since he was first introduced. He is described as a green bipedal dinosaur that uses his tongue to capture enemies and throw them back out. Since his appearance, Yoshi has become a staple character in succeeding games.


In Super Mario Sunshine, players can play as Yoshi, however, there will be several things that they need to do. Read on to learn how to unlock Yoshi with the following guide.

How to Unlock Yoshi in Super Mario Sunshine
Image Source: Gameranx

Unlocking Yoshi

To unlock Yoshi in Super Mario Sunshine, players will need to complete episode four of Pinna Park first. This is the episode where Mario will need to defeat Koopa Troopas in the park. 

Upon completion, you will need to go back to Delfino Plaza to collect the Yoshi Egg alongside Shadow Mario. You will need to chase him down while spraying him with F.L.U.D.D. When he collapses, the egg will be released in the same location. 


Hatching a Yoshi Egg

Before you can fully take control of Yoshi in the game, you will need to hatch him first. You will need to look out for what the egg is trying to say.

It will prompt an image of a certain fruit so you will need to collect that exact fruit and bring it back to the egg. Remember that certain fruits can be challenging to acquire. 

If you have difficulties finding the fruit that he wants, simply leave the area and enter again. This will prompt the egg to ask for another type of fruit but there are also times that it will ask for the same specific fruit. Once you have the fruit, bring it back to the egg.


Using Yoshi

Now that you have hatched the egg, you can now use Yoshi in your adventures. Players can ride him by jumping on top of Yoshi. You can also dismount by pressing the "X" button. Using Yoshi is just like controlling Mario. 

He can jump using the "A" button and can even do a mid-air pound with the use of the ā€œLā€ button. You can also use Yoshi to glide through the air and reach different areas. Use the A button while in the air so Yoshi can hover.

Yoshi's Abilities

How to Unlock Yoshi in Super Mario Sunshine
Image Source: IGN

Yoshi's abilities are very similar to his previous versions. Players can use his tongue to snatch or eat the enemy. You can also use the tongue to snatch a fruit and eat it. 

In Super Mario Sunshine, Yoshi will constantly need fruits to power his life meter. Every time you get to eat fruit, he changes color and it refills his life meter. Upon hatching, Yoshi will always start with a full bar from the fruit that you recently feed him. 

The bar will slowly decrease as you use Yoshi. Yoshi also uses his juice for several other utilities. It can be used to remove orange zigzags that block entrances or transform different enemies into platforms that you can then jump into. 

Once the juice disappears, Yoshi will return to his egg so be sure to make the most out of your time with Yoshi. Additionally, Yoshi will also disappear if he is submerged in water.


Super Mario Sunshine offers something new to the long-running franchise. The use of Yoshi in Super Mario Sunshine is unique as players will have to take the time and make an effort in acquiring their favorite and lovable dinosaur. 

With that in mind, you will also need to take good care of the dinosaur to make the most out of him in the game.