It can help your gameplay immensely if you have Riot Points (RP) when playing League of Legends, which are the premium currency. The primary method of attaining these points is through purchases in the game store. The more points you have determines what you can buy.

If you love League of Legends, this article will be a window into new ways you can get more points. There are various ways you can get the RP and remain on top of the game.


Before you proceed to know how you can get more points, it’s essential to understand the basics. You have to understand the importance of Riot Points first. Here is an overview of Riot Points and how you can get more of them in LOL.

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The Importance of Riot Points in League of Legends

RP are purchased with real money in the real world in a gameplay store. When visiting the Riot store, these points will help you buy cosmetics or adjust your game settings. For instance, you can choose to change your account name.

Furthermore, these points are used for buying champions, summoner name changes, ward skins, exclusive bundles, and chromas, to name a few. They will help you with your game and increase your chances of winning and enjoying the game.


RP will get the job done for anything you need. The more points you get, the higher the number of items you can purchase.

How to Get Riot Points

Log in as a client and click on the stack of coins icon located on the left of your summoner name. Purchase the RP tab, and once this is done, it will appear on the screen. Select the purchase mode you want to use and the amount you wish to spend.

Click on the play now button to complete the purchase, and now you can start playing the game. These points are on the top right of your screen.


After this purchase, you can automatically purchase anything you want. You need more money to top up the points in the game.

After each purchase, you will get a bonus of RP added to your totals. This bonus varies with time and, to be on the safe side, purchase the points when the bonus rates are high and have an added advantage of having more points.


The other way to get RP is through tournaments, whether local or online or through gift cards. It’s a bit tricky opening links that promise free points since they might be a scam.

However, all hope is not lost; after winning the tournaments you will get free points and unlock the next level.

Unlock Levels

You can also receive RP when playing the game and unlocking level three. After hitting this level, you will earn 400 Riot Points.

As a token of good faith, Riot offers players points from time to time to inspire them. The points can be provided when there are server issues globally.

Christmas Bonuses

During Christmas, players receive more points, allowing them to continue making purchases and advancing the game.

However, it’s hard to speculate whether the company will offer holiday bonuses; you should always be ready.

Important Things to Note About RP

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Without the Riot Points, you will not be able to unlock different cosmetics or make adjustments for the game.

This purchase is a new opportunity to unlock cosmetics in the play store. It’s ideal to say that purchasing RP is a way of paying to play the game.

Riot developers do not ask for money directly, so they have introduced an exciting and straightforward way to use cosmetics to aid your games. There is no shortcut to getting more points. You either purchase them at affordable costs or play the game to unlock other levels.

It's important to note, though, that you should always beware of fake websites that promise free points; they are just looking for a way to steal your information and possibly hack your data.

Bottom Line

Playing League of Legends is now more fun with RP points to purchase different cosmetics for the game.

To begin acquiring more Riot Points today, follow the steps suggested above!