The internet may have moved on from playing flash games. However, there are still plenty of different websites that crop up from time to time that we stumble upon and indulge in nostalgically.

One such website is called “Gamesmerize”. This website hosts plenty of games, some familiar and old-school, while others are new or previously unheard of.


Today, we are going to look at what Gamesmerize has to offer in terms of the games available. We will also look at how easy it is to navigate and use, as well as highlight some of the prominent standouts.

What’s the Deal With Flash Games?

If you are unfamiliar with these types of websites, Gamesmerize is one of many hundreds of websites that facilitate the playing of flash games, both new and old. These games are all reasonably small and undemanding on the system’s requirements, making them ideal for hosting on a website.


Many of these games are similar to mobile games, and indeed, you might find many flash games online that are desktop-friendly versions. You might even find that some of the games you can play are clones, rip-offs, or other people’s takes on more popular mobile or flash games.

However, the beauty in websites like Gamesmerize is that there is often an overlap in the games made. Some of the games you find on Gamesmerize might be familiar to you because you may have seen them on other similar sites before.

This creates a sense of community amongst the players and developers - who often make these games for free as a hobby or passion project.


So What Is Gamesmerize?

As we’ve said before, Gamesmerize is one of those websites that host these flash games for people to access and play for free. It’s a portal to wherever these games are being hosted, where the owner of the site gets to benefit from traffic onto their site, while the developer gets to benefit from people playing their games.

By following the URL, you’ll be taken to a single page with the name and logo at the top and a long list of games. In total, there are 121 options to choose from, but we’ll speak more about what is available later.

This makes Gamesmerize a lightweight website to handle in terms of specifications needed to run, so you could run any of these games on a standard office laptop or computer. Rarely do these games require intensive hardware or software to run.

Who Is it For?

For all you parents out there looking for some way to entertain your child, this might be a great website to visit and let them explore on the family computer or laptop.

Of course, this should be done with some guidance and supervision to make sure nothing wrong happens or pops up.

Clicking on any of the available games will take you to another screen to play the game. Some of the older games that don’t have built-in tutorials will have a small preface above to give you a bit of information on how to play, as well as information about the game itself, such as its background or story.

What Can You Play on Gamesmerize?

There are plenty of different options to choose from, but there are some definite standouts that you might recognize, though maybe only after some explanation. 

For example, the first game on the list is titled “MARIO5”, which is the classic Mario game but emulated and ported for computer use and then hosted on the website. Looking a bit further down, you’ll find a game titled “FOLLOW-ME SIMON,” which is a clone of the classic Simon Says.

There are a couple of maze games, both 2D and 3D, but the bulk of the games here are puzzles and platformers. You’ll also find quite a few other classics, with another Mario game, Duck Hunt, Sudoku, and even Pacman.


Gamesmerize is one of many different platforms that let us revisit some classic older games from decades ago, as well as enjoy some of the flash games.

It is made by those who have a passion for making smaller games that aren’t big, system-intensive, AAA games. It’s always good to give some credit to the small guys.