Even with the Valorant closed beta being active for weeks, many people have not yet received the beta key codes. There is an easy way to get the beta key code for the upcoming game for free. Recently, there has been a new breaking record on the number of viewers on Twitch.

The increase in the number of viewers on Twitch is proof enough that you need to get access to the streams and start winning the codes. Without the beta key, you cannot enjoy the new Valorant game. According to statistics given, there are no significant games expected to come out until late June or July.


This new game is an opportunity to have an exquisite gaming experience. There is an easy way to get these codes by watching streams and following given instructions. Here is a guide on how Valorant beta critical systems operate and how you can hit the key to play the game.

Twitch Stream Drops Invites

For you to get the beta key to play Valorant, you need a Riot account and a Twitch account. To get these accounts, you can easily download them and install them on your device. It's essential to understand the geographical boundaries of Valorant services.

Coronavirus pandemic is hindering Riot's plan to expand its services to other areas. However, you can access the key if you are in Europe, the United States, Russia, or Turkey, to name just a few areas. If you are within the set range, you can now follow the step-by-step guide allowing you eligibility to play.


Registering Process

Registering for a Riot account is the first step that takes a few seconds. You must give your details to establish a background check. You don't have to worry about privacy. The company has set measures that prevent other people from accessing your information.

You should also sign up for a Twitch account, before linking the two accounts together. Twitch streams games made by Riot, therefore allowing you to see what the game is all about. You will instantly start watching Valorant streams on Twitch with no hinges.

Valorant has more than 42k viewers and more than 4 million followers. The demand is still high, and this is your opportunity to rise. Previously, Riot selected the streamers to drop the invites, and after watching these streams, you would receive an invite.


Riot made the process of acquiring the codes more interesting. You can quickly receive access from all Twitch streamers given entrance to the closed beta. These streams drop invites for you as long as you stream Valorant.

After you get everything set up, you are ready to claim your free garnered vital beta codes. There is no doubt that Twitch is the best decision for you if you want to get a free play key.

How Long Do You Have to Watch?

According to Riot, you should watch two hours of the Valorant streams for you to be eligible for the closed beta invite. You can wait longer to increase your chances of being available for the new game. The game has different exquisite features designed by Riot experts.

Riot improves the details on the beta key systems, allowing you to get regular invites. The invites are a thank you for watching the streams. The selection process is always random, making things more interesting.

Riot clarified that the number of hours you watch Valorant increases the chances of getting an invite, but this is no guarantee. What makes this process straightforward is that you can still be selected if you hit the two hours of streaming.

Riot also shares updates on the next entitlements stage, allowing you to be ready every time. You don't need to keep Twitch running to qualify. The game is expected to start in summer 2020, but the release date is not yet specified.

The codes are for free, meaning you will enjoy playing the game after having the beta play key. Things are engaging in this new Riot Invites system.

Bottom Line

Getting Valorant beta key codes is now accessible on Twitch streams. After signing up for your Riot and Twitch account, you should link them and start watching Valorant. Twitch streams drop the game invites, so don't miss this new opportunity.