One of the most popular and downloaded games for mobile phones is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

If you have decided to download it and haven't quite learned the paths to success in gameplay, this guide is here to help.


Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, you will definitely find some useful tips to get more gold and diamonds in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Read on to learn more!

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What Is Mobile Legends & How to Play

Mobile Legends is a multiplayer game. The game was released in 2016 and has since gained tremendous popularity.

From the main menu, you can purchase different heroes, make the necessary settings, and choose your game mode. Matches are played in teams of 5 players, and there are several ways to play.


Custom Mode

In this mode, players have the opportunity to invite their friends to play together. A maximum of 5 players can play, but there may be fewer (this is only possible in this mode).

In this way, you can develop your team and skills to fight for a medal.

Playing Against the Computer


This is the best way of playing for those who are beginners because this mode helps them to familiarize themselves with the game's techniques. This mode teaches you how to own a new hero.

An Ordinary Match

This is the next step that will help you to understand the game and the abilities of each character. Here you can play two teams of 5 players each.

The map differs from the others but the winning team will be able to get gold and medals in their banks.

Ranked Game

This way enables you to get a rating and win new titles and medals. Winners will receive stars that will increase their rating. The higher it is, the more rewards you will receive at the end.

The mechanics of the game is very simple - All a team has to do is find the enemy base and hold it for 10 minutes. You have three ways to get to the base: the top, middle, and bottom line.

There are some protective towers that are located on the road and hurt the enemy. The level can be raised with the help of two objects: a lord and a turtle.

You can download Mobile legends from the Google Play Store or from the App Store.

How to Get FREE Gold and Diamonds

You will meet different monsters in the jungle that grant buffs. These are meant to strengthen your hero temporarily.

The map shows different symbols and colored dots - gold, green, sword, and paws, which represent the monsters and buffs they offer.

The ones with the purple dots offer ability buffs and vary depending on the hero.

Ability Buffs

Tank Buff Reduces ability costs and increases your magical and physical defenses by 15%.
Fighter Buff It slows down the enemy's speed by 20% for about 1.5 seconds.
Assassin Buff This will increase magic and physical penetration by 15 points.
Mage Buff Increase your magic power by 30 points.
Marksman Buff Using this, your physical attack will be increased by 10%.
Support Buff This will increase your healing abilities by 15%.

You should always keep an eye out for the turtle (can be found where the Paw symbol is). This is one of the most important characters in the game, as you can receive lots of gold.

Furthermore, the green dot monsters also offer you a gold buff, so you can earn as much as 10 pieces of gold every two seconds, with the buff offering 30 seconds.

Using the Camera

Amongst the least used features of this game is the camera. Using it provides valuable information about what is going on in the game around your hero. If you use the camera, you will know the position of your enemy, and you will have many advantages. This way, you can make some riskier decisions without losing the fight.

The camera stays focused on the hero as he moves. You need to tap and drag the screen if you want to explore remote areas around your hero. Betosky, thanks to his room, knew where his enemies were. This security allows him to go into the jungle and get more gold.

Although it may seem a little strange at first, do not hesitate to use the camera when playing Mobile Legends.


Now you can start playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and get free gold and diamonds along the way. Start earning today!