Since the launch of Fortnite Battle Royale in 2017, it has become the biggest title in the battle royale genre. It has become the hottest game in the world and has garnered a large audience.

Playing Fortnite competitively, or even in general, at a high level is extremely difficult. Many factors come into play including your motivation, mindset, your ability to learn from your mistakes, and much more.


Today, we will provide you with five secret tips to advance your gameplay. Read on to learn about these different methods for Fortnite.

Fortnite Battle Royale - Learn 5 Secret Tips Pros Keep to Themselves
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Know and Nail the Landing

Every Fortnite match begins with 100 online players jumping out of a flying bus onto an island. Many players tend to jump out as early as possible so that they can get down and start eliminating each other.

If you become more patient and wait until the final seconds to jump, you will land with fewer enemies around you. This will give you more time to find weapons and protections.


Additionally, if you are all alone you can use the time to practice shooting and building security. Additionally, pick a promising spot with more buildings around them because structures have more loot.

Fight Against Better Players

Fighting against or even playing with better players is the most effective and simplest way to improve your Fortnite gameplay. If you are good at the game and you just show off your skills in front of your friends, you are not really going to improve at all.

Playing against better players than you will completely change the style of your gameplay. The biggest benefit of playing with the better players is that they are going to play at a higher level and use different techniques and strategies that an average player cannot.


With the help of a global chatbox, you can even ask them questions if you want to learn those techniques. This tip is highly recommended if you want to improve your gameplay rather than just goof around.

Pay Attention to Sounds

Fortnite has excellent audio which the players can use to their advantage. With footsteps, gunshots, and other in-game sounds, it will be easier to identify the direction from which the enemies are progressing towards you.

If you hear gunshots in the distance, take a look with your sniper. That way you might be able to snipe someone who is dealing with another player in distance.

It is important to hear another player before you see them as this is half the Fortnite strategy. Therefore give yourself an audio advantage. Pro Tip: To add to your advantage, get a gaming headset with enhanced sound quality and noise cancellation.

Pick Up the Right Hardware

Poor hardware can truly hold you back during your game. You won't win games of Fortnite without getting hold of a suitably solid weapon and using them to blast off your enemies.

But the problem is, as beginners, it is often very difficult to know if the weapon in front of you is worth picking up or not. M16 – assault rifle, semi-auto sniper rifle, rocket launcher, and scar are some of the best guns you can find in the game.

Other than the weapons, don't forget to carry and use consumables, like shield potion, med kit, bandages, whenever necessary.

Do Not Fear the Storm

Fortnite Battle Royale - Learn 5 Secret Tips Pros Keep to Themselves

Often players fear the storms from the initial rounds, which is no harm, but that is also not what the pros do. If you want to play like a pro, do not fear the storms shrinking in the initial rounds of the game.

Instead of running away from the shrinking storm, use it to attack the opponents coming from behind. However, when you are into round 4 or 5, the storms get deadly, so try not to get trapped into them. 

Remember where the eye of the storm is and how long it is left on the clock until the next storm phase. Then plan your route and make sure you have enough time to reach the safety in time. There is nothing worse than being well equipped and then dying in the storm.


So, the next time you play the game, try these simple tips and tricks and play like a pro. There is no doubt that you will surely improve your gameplay style with these pro tips.