Having a hard time finding a reliable loan to fund your education? You might want to check out what Ascent has to offer. With this company, you are sure to get one that fits your needs. Here’s what you need to know.

Ascent Online Student Loan Features and Benefits

This company has a program called Ascent Tuition which offers loans to US citizens/permanent residents and non-US citizen/non-permanent resident alike. You can borrow a minimum of $2,000 or a maximum of $200,000 aggregate loan.


Applicants can choose from flexible repayment terms of 5, 10, or 15 years if you opt for a variable APR. For fixed APRs, you can only get a loan term of 5 or 10 years.

You will be glad to know that there is a 1% Cash Back Graduation Reward when you fulfil the eligibility requirements for this promo. You can also get a 0.25% interest rate reduction if you make your payments using Automatic Debt.

Should you wish to release your co-signer, you can do so after the first 24 consecutive and on-time principal and interest payments.

Looking for a reliable student loan that can help you fund your education? Ascent Online Student Loan is your best option. Here's how to apply...

Getting an Ascent Online Student Loan

In order to qualify for their loans, you need to fulfil the company’s requirements. If you are applying for the Ascent Tuition option, you need to be at least half-time enrolled in a program at an institution covered by the company.

Applicants who are not a US citizen or a permanent resident can only apply if they have a co-signer with a great credit score and a citizen or a permanent resident.

If you are a citizen or a permanent resident in the country, you can apply without a co-signer given that you are creditworthy and attends at an eligible institution.


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Ascent Online Student Loan Fees and Charges

The Ascent Tuition option can provide you with financial assistance covering educational and even living expenses. A great thing about this option is that you do not have to worry about any application fees. It also allows applicants to choose from affordable rates.

For variable annual percentage rates (APR), you can have one from 4.06% to 13.06%. With this option, your monthly rate can increase or decrease depending on market changes.

If you choose to have fixed APRs, the rates will range from 5.55% to 14.73%. This offers better manageability as the payment amount will remain constant throughout the loan term. This means that your APR will not change even when the market changes.

The best thing about this loan is you can start your payment up to six months after leaving school. Keep in mind that the minimum payment is $25. You will NOT be charged a penalty fee if you choose to pay early.

Being able to fund your education is one of the best things you can do to improve your future. With an Ascent Online Student Loan, you are sure to get the financial assistance you need. For more information, visit the Ascent website today.