If you have ever been blocked by someone on WhatsApp, then it may not be easy for you to know that you have been blocked. In fact, you may keep sending messages to the person in vain, wondering why they never receive your messages or ever reply.

Now, WhatsApp is pretty easy to use, and when you send a message, you should get the classic two blue ticks. If you do not get the blue ticks, there are usually a few reasons why this happens, and one of them is that you have been blocked.


Here are other indicators that you may have been blocked. When you can no longer see the contact person’s last seen status, or when they are online on the chat window. Read on to learn more about WhatsApp.

WhatsApp - Learn How to Know if Someone Blocked
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How to Know if You Have Been Blocked

Additionally, any messages you send to a blocked contact will only show you one checkmark – that the message has been sent, but you will never see the second checkmark, of delivery. When you try to call the contact, the calls will also not go through.

If you see any of these indicators, then this means that you have been blocked. Although there could be other reasons why this is happening, such as lack of a good internet connection.


Let us expound on the above points and explain them in detail. In order to learn whether you have been blocked or not, do the following.

Check the Contact’s Last Seen Status

This is the easiest way of knowing whether you have been blocked or not. Check if you can see the contact’s last seen status or online. It might not be a complete confirmation of blocked status, but it is an indicator that all is not fine. 

When someone blocks you, it means that you cannot have any access to their profile at all, and this includes seeing their online or last seen status. 


Check the Profile Photo

This is another clear indicator of being blocked. When you were used to seeing the contact’s smiley face, and then all of a sudden you cannot see anything on their profile photos, there are high chances that you have been blocked.

Blocking you means that you cannot see anything on their profile and the photo will also be hidden from you.

Send a Message

As mentioned earlier, when you send a message to a contact that has blocked you, chances are that the message will never be delivered. This is a good indication that you might have been blocked by the contact, and hence, your messages will never have the second blue tick of delivery.

Call the Contact

When you call a blocked contact, the call can never be connected. You may feel like the call is going through, but the connection will not happen, as the number has already blocked your number and they will never see your call coming in.

Creating a Group With the Number

WhatsApp - Learn How to Know if Someone Blocked
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Now, one thing you must understand is that all of the above signs of blocking could also be explained by a network error. They therefore cannot be considered as the ultimate checks of whether you have been blocked or not.

One way to know for sure would be to try and create a WhatsApp group with the contact that blocked you. 

When you try to create a WhatsApp group with a contact that has blocked you, the reply you may get will be “You are not authorized to add this contact”. This means you have been blocked.


If you suspect that someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, try the above few steps in order to know for sure. Although you should give room for network errors. Other than that, if you experience all of the above consecutively, then chances of having been blocked are high.