WhatsApp status videos enable users to share videos, photos, and GIFS, but they usually disappear automatically 24 hours later. This feature was initially known as “clone”. It had been cloned from Snapchat stories.

It is slowly picking up, and becoming quite famous amongst WhatsApp users worldwide. It is perishable by nature, and WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to save these videos.


However, they are actually easy to save if you know how, and some users have devised ways of doing it, by taking screenshots of the image status. Read on to learn how you can download and save WhatsApp status videos.

How to Save WhatsApp Status Videos

There are two main ways you can save WhatsApp status videos.


The first is by using an app that is dedicated to doing this, and the other method is through manually saving the image status occasionally to your phone occasionally.

Saving the Status Manually – Using a File Manager

WhatsApp usually saves the status files – videos and photos locally on your phone.

These are usually erased each day, and what you can do is keep a copy of them in the temporary folder, and then save them in a safe location.


You will need to have a file manager app on your device. Most phones, such as LG, Samsung, Sony, OnePlus, and Xiaomi usually have this installed by default.

Find it by looking for an app that is named “Files” or “File Manager”.

Steps to Use a File Manager

View the status that you wish to save. WhatsApp will make a temporary copy of the status in your phone’s storage. Open the File Manager app or any other app you may have downloaded on your phone.

Enable “show hidden files”. You will be required to open the settings on your file manager and then set it to show the hidden files. Navigate on the app to the WhatsApp folder.

Copy the photos or videos that you want to save. Paste them in a different folder. The copied videos will be stored in this folder, and you can access them later on by opening the folder whenever you like.

How to Save Using a Dedicated App

You can avoid any complexities by relying on another Google Play Store app called Status Saver. This app will automatically collect all of the status updates that you have seen and show them in an organized manner.

Open your WhatsApp application (which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store), and view the status that you want to download or save. Then, open the Play Store on your phone and download the Status Saver app. Let the app access your media, photos, and files that are on your device.

This will allow the app to read the storage and collect the WhatsApp status videos and images. Select the videos and images that you want to save and then tap on the save icon. Images and videos that are saved will be stored in the internal storage of your phone.

All of the saved videos and photos can be accessed on the app. If you need access to the folder directly, you can open the File Manager and simply browse the internal status.


With the timeline of these status videos and stories, it is always a good idea to learn how to save them, in case you wish to have a look at them later on.

The two methods above are some of the best when it comes to saving WhatsApp videos. Try them out today!