Mobile games can prove to be fun and engaging distractions. Typically, the simpler they are, the more addictive they become, as proven by games like Flappy Bird or AFK Arena.

As is evident from the title of this article, we’re not going to speak about either of those games. Instead, we’re going to take a look at a modern mobile classic, the addictive running-and-jumping simulator, Subway Surfers.


We’ll tell you all about the game if you’ve never played it before. We’ll also give you some tips for earning free keys and gold awards.

Subway Surfers - How to Get Free Keys and Gold Awards

What Is Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers is an arcade-style game in which you run, jump, dash, and yes, surf your way through train yards. You'll be scaling freight cars and dodging oncoming locomotives.

The gameplay loop is simple. The speed at which your character runs starts off slow, but it gradually increases the longer you play. This makes dodging obstacles and trains a lot tougher, but it also yields better rewards.


You are also being pursued by a police officer who eventually catches up to you if and when you stumble. All of this makes the game extremely fast-paced, as you frantically try to avoid trains, bushes, and barricades. 

As you run, you can also pick up power-ups that bestow a variety of boosts and bonuses on your character. These power-ups offer collectibles, such as keys (used to extend your run if you stumble), loot boxes, and coins. Coins allow you to purchase other collectible items, as well as power-ups, which you can activate at the start of your next run.

How To Play Well

There’s no one “right” way to play. Ultimately, your skill will develop over time, and you’ll soon be cutting your way through the leaderboards. We can, however, offer you a few general tips that can help you in the beginning.


Don’t jump or dodge too early. Hurdles will need to be leaped over or avoided entirely if you want to get around them. 

When you first start playing, your first instinct will probably be to get out of their way as soon as possible. Try and push your luck just a little more, though. 

If you jump too early, you run the risk of landing right in front of the hurdle. This will bring your run to an abrupt end.

Hoard your keys. It’s tempting to use keys whenever your run is cut short, but we encourage you to save them as much as possible

Don’t waste a second chance on a run that’s just started. Instead, save them for those incredibly long runs where you’re either about to overcome your high score or have already surpassed it.

Collect as many loot boxes as possible. Throughout your run, you’ll come across a few “mystery boxes” just waiting for you to pick them up. 

Try and always collect them, as they contain valuable collectibles, power-ups, and coins. It’s very satisfying to get to the end of a long run and have ten or more boxes to open.

Who Is the Game Intended For?

Kids over the age of five should find this game incredibly entertaining. That being said, even adults may find Subway Surfers to be a fun distraction. The game is simple enough to be played on the go whenever you have a free minute. 

How To Get Free Keys and Gold Awards

You’ll naturally collect keys and gold awards as you play the game. However, there are a few ways to speed up the process.

Watch Ads. Ads are annoying and distracting, but in Subway Surfers, enduring ads will net you some free keys or gold.

Collect the letters of the word of the week. Every week, Subway Surfers places random letters in its map.

When collected, these letters spell out a certain word. Completing the word will earn you some gold and keys.

Subway Surfers - How to Get Free Keys and Gold Awards


You can download Subway Surfers from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Trust us, it is a fun and addictive game that doesn’t demand too much attention on your part. 

It’s harmless compared to games like Clash of Clans or AFK Arena. At the least, it’ll provide you with some cheap, near-effortless entertainment.