PokéCoins are rare possessions in the popular game Pokémon Go. People desperately want them because, with them, they can buy multiple things.

Players can buy them with real money, but there are also some free options to take advantage of.


If you want to learn how PokéCoins work within this popular game, as well as some surefire methods of obtaining them, read on to learn more!

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About the Game

Besides making something that we have long dreamt about real, Pokémon Go introduced an entirely new type of game. This game merges the real world with the virtual world – an augmented reality.

The augmented reality of Pokémon Go implements excitement into our daily lives and makes people go outside and hunt down Pokémons. This game is linked with your phone’s GPS and clock. This link helps the game to know where you are and when you are using it to make Pokémons appear near you.


The idea behind the game is simple. The creators wanted to encourage people all over the world to travel more and look at beautiful places while catching Pokémons. The game is created according to the original Pokémon game, but there are significant differences. Both contain trainers, gym leaders, and you fight for loot, fame, and glory in each.

On the other hand, their vast differences are responsible for Pokémon Go’s popularity. In Pokémon Go, you do not sit in front of your TV and play. You go outside. People that play this game must go to different places and explore to succeed. That is because diverse types of Pokémons appear in different environments.

Environments in the Game

For example, water Pokémons appear in the water environments, while grass Pokémons appear in parks or forests. At night, you can find nocturnal Pokémons, too.


Pokémon Go contains an in-game map. This map is equally important because it shows the PokéStops, places that contain free items for the game. Medals and rewards are given to players that do not give up and explore far and wide in the world.

The game is free for both Android and iOS, but it monetizes off of in-app purchases as well. There is a store that allows you to buy PokéCoins and use them as you please.

PokéCoins – How to Get Them

Buying PokéCoins with Real-Life Currency

While it may not be the most preferable method of obtaining this in-game currency, players can always resort to using their USD to obtain more PokéCoins. Take a look at the pricing guide below.

  • $0.99
100 coins
  • $4.99
550 coins
  • $9.99
1200 coins
  • $19.99
2,500 coins
  • $39.99
5,200 coins
  • $99.99
14,500 coins

Daily Free Coins

Did you know you can also get free coins each day just for completing certain tasks? Like most video games, merely playing the game and working through tasks can put you a leg up for earning rewards.

Take a look at some of these tasks below.

  • Throw amazingly
  • Evolve Pokémons
  • Catch a Pokémon with a berry
  • Power up Pokémons
  • Transfer Pokémons
  • Win a raid
  • Take a picture of your buddy

How to Get Coins via Gyms

Another method of obtaining coins in this game is by fortifying things called gyms. This method is preferable for many players because it allows you to get coins without spending real money.

If a gym contains a Pokémon, then you can fortify it to obtain the coins.

In order to actually claim these coins, though, you'll need to remember to cash them out, which you can do roughly once a day in the Shop.

Do note, however, that you are limited to 50 PokéCoins per day when it comes to earning them from defending gyms. You can also earn Stardust via this method!

PokéCoins – What Are They Used For?

Image Source: Pokémon Go

The main use of the coins is to buy things that will serve you within the game. There are many useful things to buy with PokéCoins. There is incense you can buy– one for 80 coins, lucky egg – one for 80 coins, lure module – one for 100 coins, egg incubators – one for 150 coins, a bag upgrade – one for 200 coins, and a Pokémon storage upgrade – one for 200 coins.

The most popular items for purchase are poké balls. Take a look at the conversion rate for balls below.

100 PokéCoins 20 balls
460 PokéCoins 100 balls
200 PokéCoins 800 balls


PokéCoins indeed are rare and expensive at the same time. They can be used for things that are needed in the game, and their purchase is worth it.

Get started trying some of these methods to obtain PokéCoins today!