When Genshin Impact was first announced, everyone thought that it would be a Zelda clone as it has very close similarities to the graphics and design. Many would also think that it was a pay-to-play game or at the very least pay-to-win game. 

Genshin Impact was launched in early October to massive success. The game was downloaded by millions of players and in a matter of days, it had grossed over $100 million.


One of the game's many features includes the use of Genesis Crystals and Primogems. Needless to say, players would immediately want to know more about how to get free crystals in the game.

Learn How to Get Free Genesis Crystals and Primogems on Genshin Impact
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What Is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact features action-focused gameplay in an open world where players play as the traveler. You journey across the vast open world of Teyvat and soon meet acquaintances that join your party. 

You are joined by many other characters in the game and each of them has their special skills and abilities that will help you in battle. The game features a premium currency known as Genesis Crystals. 


Genesis crystals are used in the game to get a chance to roll on wishes. These crystals are purchased through real money and are converted into in-game currency.

How to Get Free Genesis Crystals

There are only a few ways to get free Genesis crystals. Most of them include having to spend a few bucks first so you can get free Genesis crystals. The first option is for you to purchase them with real money. 

Your first purchase of Genesis crystals will be doubled for free so you essentially get free crystals equal to the amount that you are buying. Make sure to make your first purchase count and go big so you will always get your money's worth.


Apart from your first ever purchase, another way of getting free Genesis Crystals is to purchase an item called Blessing of the Welkin Moon. These items give you 300 Genesis Crystals for free along with 30 Primogems every day for 1 month.

How to Get Free Primogems

Primogems also allow players to refill the original resin or the stamina or energy of their characters. Primogems are also used to purchase Intertwined Fate and Acquaint Fate in Paimon's Bargains.

Fortunately, Primogems are far easier to acquire for free than Genesis Crystals. You can still invest a bit of real money into getting more Primogems, but there are other ways to do so.

Complete Quests and Tasks

One of the best ways to get free Genshin Impact Primogems is to do quests. Upon finishing them, you can open up your journal and collect your Primogems as your reward.

Another great way to get them is by using the Adventurer's Handbook. This handbook provides players with four Daily Commissions that will reward you with 10 Primogems each. Once you complete them all, you can receive an additional 20 Primogems for free.

Players can also open their Adventurer's Handbook and head over to the Experience tab to find several chapters of tasks. These tasks will give you something to do within the game such as open chests or cook dishes. Once you complete an entire chapter, you will receive 50 Primogems.

Complete Achievements

Players can also get a good amount of Primogems by completing Achievements. You can go to the main menu and look for the Achievements tab. With over 14 categories to choose from, look for the ones that prompt you for a reward, and collect your Primogems.

Explore and Discover

Learn How to Get Free Genesis Crystals and Primogems on Genshin Impact
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There are four types of chests and each of them offers different amounts of Primogems. Common chests offer only 2 Primogems while Exquisite Chests give out 5 at maximum. Precious and Luxurious chests reward the players with 10 Primogems each.

One good tip to make the most out of these chests is to go back to where you found them. These chests tend to spawn again once you have opened them. Be on the lookout for these chests.

Apart from chests, players who love to explore the map to enjoy the scenery are rewarded with surprises. Some of the surprises come in the shape of free Primogems for you to collect. All you need to do is to scour them or you can check the map to see where they are located.


Even while it is still in its early days, Genshin Impact has proven to be a massive hit. It is currently available for download and plays on different mobile devices. With its version of a gacha system, players will always want to find ways to get freebies within the game