Dogs are truly one of the best animal companions for people. In fact, they are even called “man’s best friend.” While we know now that people can be best friends with other animals, dogs remain at the top of the list for many pet owners.  

The thing about dogs is they are known to be energetic and playful. You need to help them spend their energy to give them much-needed exercise and to tire them out in preparation for bedtime. Plus, it is a good way to amuse and train them.


A few techniques can help you entertain your dogs in the best way. If you need help doing so, here are some of the best ideas.

Learn How to Entertain a Dog with These Techniques

How to Entertain Your Dog in Five Ways

Teach New Tricks

One of the best ways to entertain your dog is to teach them new tricks. There are a lot of easy yet impressive tricks you can teach your pooch, from giving a kiss and barking on command to shaking hands and playing dead. 


This technique is a great one because it not only entertains you and your dog, but it also keeps their mind sharp. After all, they are learning something new. Plus, they receive treats every time they do it right. 

Play the Shell Game

Another way to keep your pup’s mind occupied is by playing the shell game. This is the game where you have three cups, place a treat under one of them, and shuffle the cups. Then, you let your dog find the treat.

This is a fun activity for your dog, especially if they like betting. It also helps train them to keep their focus, while giving them the chance to eat treats.


Do the Hot and Cold Game

If you want an activity that keeps your dog moving, you can play the hot and cold game, where you pick a task for your dog and say hot if they are getting close to it, or cold if they are not. This also involves treats.

This activity lets you train your pooch more, especially when it comes to intonation. Excitedly saying “hot” lets them know they are going in the right direction while saying “cold” in normal voice signals that they are not. 

Arrange a Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt can help your pooch use their nose to find their favorite toy or treat. You can get them in a sit and stay position, then hide the item somewhere near. Then, let them find the object and ramp up the difficulty level every time. 

This is a stimulating way to get your dog to move around and use their nose. Plus, they are sure to get rewards with every success.

Watch Animal Videos

For people who work from home and need some time to do their work, having bored done in their hands can be a handful. They may release their energy in destructive ways that can be unfavorable for your work.

One thing you can do is to play animal videos. Dogs tend to watch animals like them on the screen, especially other dogs. They pay attention to the screen and watch the scene unfold. 

A movie featuring a dog is also a great choice. If you don't have time for a full movie, you can play short clips from YouTube. 

Learn How to Entertain a Dog with These Techniques

The Bottom Line 

Keeping your dog occupied is a huge part of dog training. Entertaining activities helps them relieve their boredom and avoid destructive behaviors. 

It also helps them develop their mind and senses, so make sure to give time to entertain your pooch.