After what was an enormously long and tiring wait for the fans, the 2020 season of the UEFA Champions League is finally going to resume soon. With this, you can expect to see some nail-biting ties in the round of 16 and the quarters that will follow them. 

You must be excited to watch the teams battle it out on the field once again, aren’t you? But, do you know how to watch the UEFA Champions League matches online, and for free?


In this article, we tell you the best way to watch the champions league matches live and online. But first, let us tell you about the champions league season that is resuming and its schedule. Read on to learn more.

How to Watch the UEFA Champions League Matches Online

When Are Champions League Matches Going to Resume? 

The first leg of the UEFA matches was completed in February this year. However, the second leg of matches that were to be played in March was abruptly suspended due to the pandemic. 

Since then, there was a lot of uncertainty over the season resuming. However, now the matches will finally be back on the screens starting from the 8th of August. The round of 16 will be completed first, followed by the quarters, semis, and the finals. 


Please note that the remaining matches of the second leg of the round of 16 will be played at the home stadium of the teams. The quarters, semi-final, and final matches will be held in Lisbon, Portugal. 

However, all matches will be played behind closed doors, with no spectators allowed. Here we share how you can watch the UEFA Champions League Matches.

How to Watch the Champions League Matches Live Via Subscription

The UEFA Champions League matches are officially broadcasted only by the designated broadcast partners of the league, all across the globe. Such broadcasts are available both on television and on digital platforms, which you can access by paying out the subscription fee. 


For example, the UEFA subscription rights are with Univision in the U.S. and with Sony SIX in India. You can subscribe to the UEFA broadcaster for your country, and enjoy the live streaming of the matches seamlessly. 

How to Watch Free

How to Watch the UEFA Champions League Matches Online

If you do not want to shell out any money and still enjoy the Champions League matches live, there’s a smart way out for you! You can use a VPN to access the services of Champions League broadcasters for free. 

BT Sport holds the exclusive rights to broadcast and live stream the Champions League matches in the UK, and that should be your preferred channel to access using a VPN. VPN is a simple way around, and it is safe. The best part is that it is legal to use VPN in most countries. 

Installing a VPN in your device will modify its IP address and let you access the content being aired in other countries. A couple of good VPN options to try out are PureVPN and NordVPN. 

You can access the services of this VPN software for free as part of the trial period, after that you have to pay a reasonable subscription fee. After having enjoyed the champions league matches for free through VPN, you can use your remaining VPN subscription to even access the U.S. Netflix. 


Champions League matches have a charm that nothing else can match. And for a fan, nothing better than catching up the matches streamed live! 

Using the above methods, you can watch the live champions league matches easily, and even for free, if you desire so! So, make sure you are ready for the next action-packed soccer match.