Ever since Valorant released officially in June this year, it has taken the world by storm. The First Person Shooter (FPS) multiplayer game has taken the best aspects of other popular games and put them together to create this wildly popular source of entertainment. 

It brings together the thrill of behind-the-screen violence and the joy of winning by eliminating the opposing team. The fact that it is character-based only adds to the beauty of the game, and as the website says, creativity is your greatest weapon. 


The game is much more than guns and bullets. Your character decides your equipment, skills, and abilities, and as you progress in the game, everything you do gets that much better. Read on to learn more about how to get free Valorant and Radianite Points.

How to Get Free Valorant Points and Radianite Points on Valorant
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Valorant Points

Valorant Points are the main currency of the game. If you want to upgrade your player contracts or purchase the battle pass, VP are what you need. VP can also be used to unlock skins.

As in every game with in-game purchases, you can spend money and buy VP from the store. If money is not an issue, this article is probably irrelevant to you. In this article, we discuss how to make a free VP in the game. 


How to Get Free VP?

Gaining Valorant Points in the game is simple. If you want an expensive item from the in-game store and you’re a few VP shy (less than 50), you can contact Riot Games for Valorant and ask them to credit it to you! 

Keep in mind that this will not work if you’re repeatedly asking them for VP just for the sake of getting it for free. Once they get back to you regarding your request, they will ask you to make some original artwork set in the Valorant universe. 

If you have an artistic side and they find your artwork good enough, they will credit your free VP to your account, which you can then use to buy skins and upgrades on the store. 


Also, keep in mind that this is just available to you once. You cannot keep on making artwork and requesting VP, so make sure that you spend your VP wisely and save up on it if you have your eyes on some premium skins. 

Radianite Points

Radianite Points are another major form of currency in Valorant. Unlike VP, these points are not available only through money but can be made in-game in a few ways. 

Radianite Points (or RP) provide no in-game advantages. This means that even if you have enough RP, you can just use them to customize the look and feel of your game and equipment, and you won’t see an improvement in your abilities in the game. 

They essentially just evolve weapon skins in the game to different levels, and you get the benefits of customizations like new animations, video effects, finishers, and sounds. 

How to Get Free RP?

How to Get Free Valorant Points and Radianite Points on Valorant
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RP can simply be bought against VP. But, that would involve spending real money on these points, which is not what this article is about. 

The Battle Pass is your number one place to earn these points. If you win during these battles, you get rewards, which are directly in the form of RP

Besides this option, you can bypass RP completely and get free skins from the game by playing a game under some specific agent’s contract in the Agent Collection tab.

The Bottom Line

Let’s face it; you can play the game without spending a single dollar. Valorant is a free game, after all. But, to make your experience better, you need VP and RP. Consider these tips for free VP and RP.

For VP points, ask for credits from Riot Games or let your artwork speak for itself. RP points, you will have to battle it out using your Battle Pass.