FIFA Mobile is a soccer video game simulation developed by EA Mobile and EA Canada and published by EA Sports for mobile devices.

On October 11, 2016, the game was released worldwide for iOS and Android. It was also available for Microsoft Windows until 2017. It was originally revealed during Gamescom 2016 on August 16, 2016. However, the game has a new version each year to reflect real-world changes.


Everyone wants to get their hands on the best players as soon as possible, particularly in the first few weeks when prices are sky-high. Don't be afraid, as there are plenty of ways to collect coins without taking out your wallet. Here are some tips you need to know to get points in FIFA!

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Try Out Coin Boosts

This is the most natural step you can take to ensure that every last coin of your Ultimate Team matches is squeezed out. Points boosts are available in the catalog (which can be found by clicking on the right thumbstick), and you can use all the points you racked up on all FIFA titles to buy these handy little rewards as soon as you start the game.

Make sure you buy all the points boost per level, and you can get your credit balance, as they stack up and activate the next boost automatically once your current one expires. They will sell you anything from an extra 200 to 1,000 coins per match; you will be shocked at what a difference this can make.


Play as Much Division Rivals and Squad Battles as You Can

Once you are up and running, your coin boosts help make sure you get some matches under your belt. Even if you don't have a particularly strong side yet, just play some games to get your extra match coins out of the boosts. In this case, don't worry about your record too much.

Group Rivals and Team Battles are the best modes to play, as you receive bonus prizes at the end of each week, such as coins, packs, or both, depending on how many ability points you have won in that particular game. FIFA 20 will also have a new tweak to Squad Battles that have removed the timer to refresh the squads you can face.

Complete SBCs for Packs

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) is a great way to earn packs, so you can try to pull out a valuable player.


There will be sets of SBC puzzles to complete at the start of each FIFA match, with some in the Advanced category offering truly amazing packs. Look for league-based SBCs as well as the weekly Marquee Matchups that can potentially provide decent packages as rewards.

Ensure you keep all the players you're pulling from the packs, and don't sell them quickly. This is because even the most obscure or unusable players may be useful to complete one of those challenges down the line.

Monitor SBC Requirements and Sell Suitable Players on the Market

SBCs provide you with a method to purchase packs and offer the opportunity to do some smart trading on the FUT market.

Take note of those who give the best incentives once you have completed an SBC yourself, and find out their requirements. Look through your club and see if any players would be useful for that puzzle, and check their market price as they might be one of the few players who can help solve the SBC.

An 11-league, 1-nation hybrid has always been featured in the Advanced SBC group, which can be a pain to complete in the early stages of FUT.

Be Smart with High-Rated and Popular Members

This is a special warning to those on the FIFA 20 Web App or Early Access players who will play the game before its official launch on September 27.

If you are lucky enough to snag yourself a high-rated or famous player during this very early period, avoid selling them straight away. The price will look high and enticing, but if you wait until the game is fully released to everyone, these players' prices will always increase with more people wanting to buy them.

It isn't going to be a considerable increase, but by waiting, you might pocket a few extra thousand coins. Nevertheless, don't wait too long, as rates will inevitably change again.

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How to Play FIFA 20

Check out the video below for a view of what it is like to play this game on mobile.


Follow these tips to get FIFA points using the FIFA Mobile 2020 app! If you want to know more information about FIFA world, like events, news, and updates, click here.