Run Race 3D is an iOS and Android platform racing game. This game involves side-scrolling gameplay where you compete against three other players, with the intention of trying to finish first.

You will gain coins, unlock new skins, and open up a lot of new maps in the process. The maps are pretty simple in that you basically run across the level in a wide circle, climb it, drop it down, run back across it, and then repeat it three times.


You can really gain ground on your opponent because your opponent wants to try to leap down the drops; all you have to do is let yourself fall, then slide down the wall by not hitting the frame. Read on to learn how you can get free coins in the game.

How to Get Free Coins on Run Race 3D Mobile
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What Are the Coins For?

When you go deeper into Run Race 3D, levels get more and more complicated. Follow them when you see the arrows on the ground. If you see a half-pipe on the ground, slide through it to speed up quickly.

If you see a rope on a stage, hop on it and let the screen go, and your character will climb it automatically. You will get a lot of new skins in this game using the coins you win from racing.


Tap the little green player icon on the right side of the main screen to open the full list of skins. You can purchase them with money, so you can get character designs like superheroes, ninjas, so various types of sports teams.

Watch Ads

If you don't have sufficient coins for your skin, go to the skin store and click the video icon to start playing an advertisement. Click the “X” when it shows up to delete the commercial, and you're going to win 75 free coins.

You can click this button as many times as you want, and the ad will pop up any time you have an internet connection.


Play the Game

Every time you win first place on the stage, you're going to unlock a brand new map. When you finish between second and fourth position on the stage, you're going to play the same game again.

After taking first place on enough levels, you're going to unlock the bonus point. Here, you're the only player on the stage, and you're going to be able to win lots of coins by playing.

Bonus Levels

How to Get Free Coins on Run Race 3D Mobile

This is a slow way to earn money, the easiest way to do it is to play Bonus Levels! Once you've done a few seasons of racing, you'll finally get to make a bonus point.

It is different from a regular game because instead of competing against other teams, you 're only trying to get as many of your characters across the finish line!

You start with a large number of them, so be careful and try to make your way through the obstacles without taking too many casualties. You will earn 10 coins for each character that crosses the finish line.

If you're going to get good at this, you might get a few characters across! You will replay the bonus level several times if you watch an advertisement afterward, and that makes it a more effective way to earn coins.


Be patient; this is probably the most significant tip. It's not usually worth taking a big risk. You're going to want to be careful and make sure you clear the barrier without stopping it.

You can download the game from the Google Play Store and the Apple App store. If you want to learn how to get coins from other games, then check out our other games.