Coffee as a hot beverage is highly adopted as a morning ritual by many due to the energizing impact of the caffeine, while its strong taste lingers in your mouth all day. 

With an enormous customer base of coffee, newer renditions, and disparate ways of blending it keep popping up here and there. The most novel and trending way is dalgona coffee, a recipe from Korea which has swept half the mainstream media away.


Especially in a world, socially distanced by the pandemic, dalgona coffee has turned into a challenge, making people feel connected to each other. Read on to learn more about dalgona coffee, and how you can make it.

Discover How to Make Dalgona Coffee - Korean Whipped Coffee

Origins of Dalgona Coffee

While this coffee has attracted a herd of people due to its enchanting appearance and rich aroma, its name has puzzled many and piqued the curiosity of others. 

Since the recipe is from Korea, the name “dalgona” also originates from a vintage Korean street snack, known to have a taste like a honeycomb toffee. 


The name was coined by a Korean actor, Jung II-woo who upon ordering a whipped coffee at a local eatery found the taste of it to be like honeycomb toffee. 

Ingredients Needed to Make Dalgona Coffee 

To get on the bandwagon of this trending coffee, you need 1 tablespoon of instant coffee of your choice as it is idyllic for beating. 

Then, you need 1 tablespoon of sugar or crushed jaggery whichever option you prefer and 1 tablespoon of hot water. The last ingredient is ¾ cup of cooled down milk and some ice cubes if you are going for cold coffee.


How to Make Dalgona Coffee 

Take a mixing bowl, and put in instant coffee, sugar, and hot water. First, mix them a little using a spoon to perfectly combine all the ingredients. 

Then, plug in your mixer and whisk this mixture on high speed for at least 3 - 4 minutes. If you do not have an electric mixer, you can beat the mixture with a handheld whisk too.

Stop the mixer when the mixture transforms into a creamy, fluffy paste of caramel-like color. Now, add the ice cubes to a serving glass and pour the milk over it. Take 2 - 3 scoops from the coffee mixture you have whipped and generously place it over the milk.

Let the mixture float over the milk and your ultra-aesthetic dalgona coffee is ready to blow your mind. If you want to add a splash of flavor, you can sprinkle some cocoa powder over it, or add in honey or caramel sauce and garnish it with crumbled biscuits. 

What to Do with the Leftover Dalgona Coffee Mixture

Discover How to Make Dalgona Coffee - Korean Whipped Coffee

If you went overboard and made some extra coffee mixture, then instead of pouring all of it in your dalgona coffee, you should store it. It can easily survive in a refrigerator, packed inside an air-tight container for some days. 

Remember not to mix it with milk before storage as it would run the risk of going foul. This way you can simply use it again when you want to. Since coffee is an everyday must-have for most people, dalgona coffee is a new way to have it. 

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, this way of drinking coffee amplifies the taste and texture of it, which is why it has been rampantly trending. 

The Bottom Line

You can whip this delicacy manually or electrically, but the result will always be a delicious cup of coffee, which is heaven on Earth for coffee aficionados. Make sure to consider this information if you are interested in trying out this type of Korean coffee.