Having a game that keeps you engaged on your phone is one of the number of advantages we have living in the 21st century. You can literally enjoy your digital games from anywhere you are, as you don't have to move with your stationary consoles any longer.

One of the games that you should definitely look into playing today is Garena Free Fire. Especially during these trying times where cities have remained locked down, leaving you with much less to do and not much to keep you engaged. And with this game, you can get skins to help you level up through the game.


Since most of the skins are pretty hard to get without spending any real money, there are tasks that you can take part in to help you get the skins for free. To learn more on how you can get Free Fire gun skins for free, you should read on. And in case you didn't know about the mobile game called Free Fire, here's a chance to learn more about this game.

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Free Fire

This is one of the battle royale games that you can play today on your mobile device, whether it's the app from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. It's also on some compatible video game consoles.

In this game, what's different is that guns are the aspect that become a deciding factor in your success. So, you have to possess the best gun in almost any situation for you to stand tall among the other players.


And with guns in the game, you need them to look rather interesting, and that's where skins come into play.

For Free Fire, however, the skins aren't all about the looks of the weapon, but also about the performance. You can learn more about how skins affect your weapons long-term by reading below.

How to Get Free Skins

Like most games, the easiest way to get skins is through buying them. You can use the game's currency to purchase the skins; in this game, it's by having diamonds.


You can also buy the skins by use of real money through the game's shop. But, there are better ways in which you can get the skins for free, and they include the following.

Complete Missions for Free Elite Pass

There are new seasons that arrive in the game every now and then. If you look out for them and take part in the seasons, you can easily earn free skins.

When you play these seasons, it means that, unlike the normal part of the game, you get free skins throughout the season.

Participate in Events

The other way that you can get free skins is to participate in events. These events happen to occur from time to time.

All these events have one thing in common; you can earn rewards when you take part in them.

The rewards come in different forms once you complete different tasks through the event, and one is through skin rewards.

Redeem Codes at the Redemption Center

Another way to get free skins is by redeeming unique codes at the redemption center.

This is more or less a lottery system where a unique combination of 12 numbers is entered and you can win rewards.

You'll have to pay attention to the game's social networks like Facebook, as Garena shares the exclusive codes there. The rewards include, as you have likely guessed, free skins.

How the Skins Help You Level Up

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When you play this game, one thing you come to realize is that the skins not only make the gun look better; they also help with the performance of the gun.

For example, the Evil Pumpkin Skin helps the gun to double up on range and better accuracy.

Other skins help to double the damage the weapon afflicts on the enemy. Conversely, others reduce accuracy.

All in all, you need to pick the right skin for your gun to be able to level up against other players in the game.

Important Note on the Age Range for Players

For games in this mold, the minimum age set by the developer of the game is 18 years. However, due to the difference in cultures across the globe, there are countries where the age bracket is 16 years and up.

Anyone that is below 18, however, should play under adult supervision, as this game involves themes of violence.


Games like Free Fire are great for passing time and keeping the mind busy. And the fact that you can find the game even on your phone makes it all the more interesting.

Since you'll need good skins to succeed in the game, what are you waiting for? Try out these methods of obtaining them today!