Free stuff can be quite enjoyable for everyone, and it doesn't matter where you get the free stuff from, so long as it's credible. You can even acquire free stuff in your favorite games as long you seek out legit methods of gameplay to achieve them. In certain mobile games, free stuff can often be earned or bought with game resources.

When it comes to a game like CS:GO, skins are quite a value to have, and that is why they are amongst the most sought after free things in the game. Skins are focused around the global market of the game, and they can be customized.


Getting them for free is the other challenge that you have to go through if you want to enjoy the incentives that the game offers you in the end. You can learn more about how to get the skins for free while playing the game and other measures when you read on. Info on their added value can also be found here.

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What Are Skins (Gun Skins)?

First, before you can move on to knowing how to earn the skins, discover what these skins are when playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive. When you play a game like this that has weapons, you want your gun, knife, or whatever weapon you have to look interesting.

That's why CS:GO skins are quite an interesting part of the game and a must-have when you play the game.


They come in a variety of looks and designs and offer you a chance to grip hold of your weapon without much fuss. And the general outlook is rather interesting throughout the game.

You can find out more about the skins (gun skins) in CS:GO further down in this article, as well as some of their typical uses.

Age Group Recommended for Players

Ideally, a game that involves guns should be for a select age-group of players, according to the maturity level of the game.


It shouldn't be open for all ages, as the game can be graphic and include adult content that can easily get to the head of younger players.

The game is essentially an 18-years and above game. Anyone below that age group should be monitored if allowed to play the game - should they ever be allowed to play the game.

How to Get the Skins for Free

There are a number of ways that you can acquire free CS:GO skins. And they include the following.


Within this game, there are lotteries that you can participate in for a chance to win skins. And like all lotteries, nothing is ever really assured until the time you win the prize.

The lotteries within the game are organized by CS:GO streamers, Pro Gaming CS:GO teams, and such.

You can enter the lottery with either your streaming account or your social network profiles. Note that the lotteries are based on ticket mechanisms, and you can gain more tickets by engaging in other activities.

From Offer Walls

Here is where you find a website that offers you rewards for certain tasks, and there are a number of these said sites that are going up online almost every single day.

Some of the sites offer you free CS:GO skins for tasks such as downloading and playing a game or leaving your email on a certain site.

To find such a site, just search through a search engine like Google for “Sites that Offer Free CS:GO Skins”. You'll find a number of them. When you do, carefully pick one and roll on with the task at hand.

Weekly Drops

The most anticipated method of earning skins with this game is through weekly drops. You, however, have to meet the set requirements of the game for you to earn in these weekly drops.

First, you have to play within the game's server to be able to enjoy these incentives.

The server that you'll be playing on should be Valve Anti Cheat; this is the catch to get the free skins through weekly drops.

The other part is that you have to play against another live player, as opposed to a bot, to get the weekly drops. When you use this avenue, you get up to 4 drops per week.


Skins are a big part of CS:GO, and getting as many as you can makes the game more interesting to play.

Try out the above methods of earning the skins without having to spend any real cash for them.