Today, we have dozens of online platforms offering a wide range of television and film content at our fingertips. The relevance of on-demand digital entertainment on OTT platforms has never been higher.

Of the multiple options of OTT platforms that you as an audience get to choose from, one platform that stands out is Hotstar. The Hotstar app is a storehouse of varied high-quality content for all kinds of audiences.


In this article, we are going to discuss the features and benefits of the Hotstar app. We also tell you how you can download the app by following a few simple steps.

Discover How to Download the App Hotstar Free

What Is Hotstar? 

Hotstar is one of the best options available for wholesome entertainment. The app is available worldwide, with regional variations in different countries and locations. 

In fact, you can access content in different languages and at least a dozen different genres, on the Hotstar app. Furthermore, Hotstar holds the exclusive rights of live streaming several sports tournaments from across the world. 


Features and Benefits of the Hotstar App

Hotstar app has a plethora of salient features that lure the users and get them hooked to this platform. With a wide variety of entertainment and sports content readily accessible at a single platform, people can watch anything they want, anytime and anywhere. 

Live streaming of popular sports tournaments along with exclusive bytes treats the sports maniacs among us. The application also has HD viewing experience with the option of subtitles. 

The simple, sleek, and user-friendly interface certainly enhances the viewing experience to a large extent. Users can also enjoy a stock full of subscription-free content available for free access. 


What's even better is the fact that the application ensures multi-platform and multi-device support for the glitch-free accessibility on the go.

How to Download the Hotstar App

Search for Hotstar on the Google Play store, or on the Apple App store if you are an iOS user. Click on the “Download” button to start to download the app

Once the app is downloaded, grant the necessary permissions as prompted, to finish the installation of the Hotstar app in your device. 

After the installation is completed, the app will appear automatically on your devices’ app gallery. Tap on the app icon to launch the app. You will be directed to the welcome page of the app when you first open it. Wait till the app loads fully. 

How to Sign-Up for the Hotstar App

The next step is to log-in or sign-up on the app. If you already have an account on the app, you can simply log-in by entering your Hotstar credentials. 

To sign-up, you must have to have a valid phone number or email address. Signing up and confirmation on the app is a quick process that will take a couple of minutes. 

Once you are logged in on the app, it will open up a treasure house of high-quality entertainment content for you. You can browse through the content by genres or search for your favorite shows. You can stream the content with a single tap. 

How to Access Hotstar on the Web

Discover How to Download the App Hotstar Free

Apart from the Hotstar app, you can also access Hotstar on the web by logging on to the Hotstar official website. The website offers a good viewing experience comparable to the app and is ideal for streaming on laptop and desktop devices. 

Please note that Hotstar offers a large number of shows and other content for free streaming. However, to have access to all the content that Hotstar hosts as well as the live sports content, you will have to buy a premium subscription of the app. 


If you re looking for a wholesome digital entertainment solution, then the Hotstar app can prove to be the perfect solution for you. It’s a content-rich and user-friendly app, with a lot of features and benefits. 

You can download the app by following the simple steps that we have described above, and you can start enjoying all the platform has to offer right away!