There are three types of ages. Firstly, the Chronological age, which refers to the number of years that you have already lived. Secondly, Biological age is your actual or present situation, and then there is your Mental Age, which is the age of your mind.

Since every individual comprises distinguished power to grasp and represent cognitive skills, the difference in their mental age is obvious. In this segment, you will get to know the glimpses of how to determine mental age with the app. 


How Old Is Your Brain? - Mental Age Test is a fun app made for people of all age groups. In this article, we aim at providing you all that you need to know about this application. Read on to learn more.

Discover How to Determine Mental Age with This App

The Mental Age Test

The mental age test in this app is simply developed with numerical algorithms to calculate your brain age. It is just for fun and has only been created for entertainment purposes. 

There is no intention to hurt the sentiments of any user and involves no judgmental opinions. Analysis or the “Age Number” given at the end of your test performance is based on general calculations. 


Features of the App

For your precise idea regarding the blend of intellectualism and digitalization, here is a list of features that this app offers to its audience.

Brain Churning Exercise

How Old Is Your Brain - Mental Age Test, the intriguing piece of mobile technology gives you average brain churning exercises that make you experience a variety of puzzles. 

It has a set of questions that boggles your mind and urges a sense of curiosity. It helps you think better and increase your ability to interest yourself in areas that normally you do not even consider.


Simple Layout

It is an app that can be accessed by people of all generations. It draws your attention and has a simplified layout that isn’t difficult to handle even for children.

Engaging Quizzes

The content provided on the app is quite engaging and has a total of nine sets of quizzes. These are perfect to acquire answers to all your questions regarding brain development. 

Share the App with Others

If you yearn to have an exciting engagement, you can share the app with your friends and family members. This gives you the advantage to have a great moment with them on the test results of the app.

How to Download the App

Discover How to Determine Mental Age with This App

The application can be very conveniently found on the Google Play store. It can be downloaded by mentioning the relevant keywords like “mental age app” in the search box or type precisely How Old Is Your Brain? - Mental Age App for a direct gateway. 

Appearing right on the top, it can be downloaded within seconds or minutes with an active internet connection. It is supported on all android phones and tablets. Since it is not an ad-free application, some advertisements may pop in between whiles. 

Moreover, it is a user-friendly application that supports English as the main language of communication. Compatible to all devices, it is easy to use and exciting to take part in. There are sets of 9 quizzes to let you engage in fun and conceptual understanding. 

You will be given questions or situations and it will ask you to choose the appropriate answer from the provided options. In the end, there will be the test results that you can share with others and invite your friends to play the same.


How Old Is Your Brain - Mental Age Test isn’t just a piece of technology, but it is a way to determine and develop conceptual thinking. 

A lot of quizzes and fun tasks help to have an insight into the status of our mental age and let us flourish our cognitive skills. After all, a healthy brain is the essence of healthy living.