You get into the age of responsibility and financial freedom when you are a teenager. You may want to earn money so that you can buy the same clothes as your favorite artists.

Perhaps you want to go out on Friday night with your friends and pay for the meal or the movie. You may also want to start putting money into a college savings account or a new car if you dream about your future.


Carrying out different jobs will help you get the cash for everything you need. Read on to learn about some of the best jobs for teens for extra income.

These Are Some of the Best Jobs for Teens to Earn Extra Income
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Baby Sitting 

A babysitter is a person who watches over the children of someone else. The parents can use a babysitter for work or at night. Many people have rates that are either hourly or monthly and pay in cash.

Babysitting is a very good job for teens because the hours are flexible, and at some stage, almost everyone in the community may need a babysitter. What you need to do is sell your services, and someone can accept them. 


The best age to start babysitting is primarily an appeal for judgment based on many factors, including the age and maturity of the caregiving children and the babysitter's maturity level.

In most countries, parents are left to decide how young a child can be before they start babysitting. Both the babysitter's parents and the child's parents or children being babysat need to know whether the babysitting child is sufficiently responsible.

Salary for Baby Sitting 

15 - 17 year olds usually expect $7 - $10 an hour because they can typically find a job that pays that much at this age. 


Plus, a 16 or 17 year old may already have a car and understand the gas cost of getting to and from the job. Unless the babysitter you think is 18 years old or older, plan to pay extra.

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking 

Although this is also a perfect starting job for young children, a busy teenager often considers it a very versatile job. Usually, the tasks include going by a neighbor's house to feed an animal a couple of times a day while the owners are away. 

Even they may offer to carry some houseplants in the newspaper or mail and water. Speak to the owners before leaving and run over all the activities you'll need to complete when they're away.

On the other hand, if you like dogs, you will also like walking dogs for money! Pups and dogs want to go out all year round for exercise, and dog walking is excellent work for teenagers. 

Make sure you feel at ease with the pet when you first take the animal for a walk. You may also try to pet sit for the animals as well as dog walking while the owners are on holiday abroad.

Salary for Pet Sitting & Dog Walking 

Pet sitters and dog walkers charge on average from $20 - $40 a day, depending on the facilities involved. The average cost of a 30 minute visit is $25, although it costs $75 - $85 for overnight pet-sitting. 

Pet sitters will usually be paying extra for 24-hour treatment, additional pets, and holiday facilities.

Fast Food Work

First, only about 30 percent of fast-food employees are teens. Around 30 percent are between 20 and 24 years of age. The remaining 40 percent is 25 and older. 

At fast-food restaurants, the minimum age to operate is usually 16 years. Some restaurants can employ 14 and 15 years old with restricted working hours at specific locations.

For fast-food restaurants, several teens can find starter positions depending on the minimum age to work in each state. Typically these institutions would employ people with little experience. 

You've got to enjoy working with people at a fast speed to work well in this role. Many fast-food restaurants claim to be very fast and to operate well under pressure from the servers.

Salary of Fast Food Serving

These Are Some of the Best Jobs for Teens to Earn Extra Income
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While corporate locations tend not to care, when you offer a starting pay, age and experience are significant factors for franchises. An 18 year old has an excellent opportunity to start at $8 - $9, and someone with years of experience might even start at $10.


Although making money is an exceptional achievement, keeping you motivated and centered in the long term isn't enough. Think carefully about the work criteria you are following before you take on the responsibility.