Mercari's primary objective is to rapidly and efficiently transfer used and new products through a photo-centered sales marketplace. Since setup is quick, and everything can be handled via a mobile device, Mercari is well suited to start a side gig. 

And, there are no limits on the quality of goods on Mercari, which makes transferring old, obsolete, or outgrown products a useful marketplace.


Here are some essential information you need to know about Mercari, especially with the selling fees involved. Read on to learn more about these fees.

Learn About Mercari Selling Fees - Things to Know
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Listing Items with Mercari 

The fee for sale is just 10 percent of the selling price. It covers the costs of handling the buyer's bill. Your profits are equal to the listing price, minus the sales and shipping fees (if you want to provide free shipping). 

The sales price will only be paid to the seller after the successful completion of the transaction. When your item is identified, search results will pop up. If your item is famous, then buyers start to like it. Buyers will provide you with an offer on some of your pieces. 


This will give you notice, and you can decide whether to accept it or not. Here are my four big tips for making sales on Mercari: add 10% (at least), drop rates, provide measurements and content, and give free shipping (optional). 

These tips presume you've already made an effort to be a better seller. Your images should be of good quality and reveal any defects in the data. Setting down detailed explanations is also essential.

Cash Out Fees with Mercari 

There are two ways to cash out: direct deposit and instant pay. With direct deposit, after you have entered your checking account and transferred your balance, your request for cash out will be processed within 5 working days. 


There is no cost for a direct deposit of $10 or more, but if your bank is unable to process the payment, you will be charged a $2 fee. If you need extra cash, instant pay is the quickest way to get paid. 

Go to your balance to do this, press "Instant Pay," then set up ID Search (if you haven't already done so), and add a debit card. You can use Instant Pay, once a day, for up to $500 a month. All that's required is a flat charge of $2. 

For some situations, it can take up to 30 minutes to see the balance for your bank account, depending on your branch's processing time.

Cancellation Fees 

They ask the sellers to use a valid tracking number to ship products within 3 business days. The sales by Mercari are final and can be canceled only if the seller can not meet the order. 

Mercari can charge a cancelation fee of 5 percent of the item price when an order is canceled (maximum $25) to cover processing fees and/or shipping labels costs. A cancelation charge can apply if the element is canceled, as the seller forwarded the wrong item to the buyer. 

Or, if the seller could not dispatch the item, the item was damaged or faulty and did not receive insurance from Mercari Shipping, or if the seller cancels to adjust delivery possibilities.

Start-Up Tips to Sell On Mercari

Learn About Mercari Selling Fees - Things to Know

They deliver small, fixed prices for deliveries weighing up to 150 pounds with USPS, FedEx, or Mercari Pack and Mail at The UPS Store. Such prices give an average savings of 30 percent relative to each carrier's retail pricing. 

Whether your shipment weighs more than 150 pounds, you'll have to ship it yourself. They don't ship any appliances or furniture. When you are shipping a package that exceeds the label's size and weight limits, you may have to pay overage fees. 

You are also responsible for using the right box form, which ensures that you will be in charge of extra fees if you choose the incorrect packaging.


Mercari shares information about customers only when an official legal request is made, as outlined in our Law Enforcement Information and Policy for other government agencies. You will find the policy in the Mercari Help Center.