Looking for a financial advisor? Surely, finding the right professional that will help you manage your assets could be quite challenging, especially with all the available risks that come with finance and wealth management.

However, with the right tips and pieces of advice, you are sure to identify the right person to rely upon and trust as you pave your way towards financial success.


For your immediate guide, here are 3 of the most important things anyone must look for before hiring a financial advisor.

1. Certifications

This is one of the most important things to look for in a financial advisor. By knowing what type of certificate they hold, you’ll be able to know what level of expertise they have in relation to your field.


Among the most important certifications you need to know are the Certified Financial Planner title, which serves as the gold standard in financial planning; the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Enrolled Agent (EA), which identify professionals specializing in accounting and taxes; the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), which indicates that a person focuses on portfolio management and investing; and the Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®), which is designed for those who concentrate on financial coaching and counseling.

Once you get a hold of the type of certificates an advisor or a finance company holds, you’ll be able to have a fair expectation on what to expect from them and their services.

2. Experience

Another vital factor that must be considered before hiring a financial advisor is their experience. As most of us know, in most cases, the longer a person has been in the industry, the wider their knowledge is regarding finance and wealth management.


Although not all who have been in the industry for decades can be guaranteed to be top-notch advisors, it is still best to bet on financial advisors that have already had experiences managing other people’s assets and providing effective solutions to customers.

In order to know this, try asking the person how long they have been practicing their job as a financial advisor. How many years have they been a player in the field? Who are their past clients? What notable activities or victories have they contributed in the industry? Don’t hesitate to ask the appropriate and valuable questions in order to know whether the person you are talking to meets your standards and expectations.

3. Acceptable Fees

Knowing how much and how exactly an advisor wants to be compensated is a critical factor when looking for the right person to hire. In most cases, advisors can be paid in several ways, namely through client fees ("fee-only"), commissions, or a mixture of both ("fee-based").

Knowing what type of pricing model they would want to follow is also important to see whether the expected fees would match with your budget. Typically, advisors can ask for an hourly-based fee, a fixed fee, or assets under management fee, which is based on a percentage of assets they manage for you.


Finding the right financial advisor remains to be a crucial part of ensuring a stable and successful financial standing ahead.

Have you found the right financial advisor to hire? Be sure to keep these tips in mind as you go in search of the right person to trust and rely on. For more advice regarding working with financial advisors, refer to our financial advisor guide.