When you calculate your cost of living when having a baby, a major chunk of your expenses is going to be related to childcare. You try to provide your child with the basic stuff that they need for a happy, safe, and healthy life. 

These include baby food, medicines, and diapers, among others. Although diapers are a necessity, these do cause quite a dent in your monthly expenses. So, it helps if you can get free diapers for your baby.


You can find many free offers on baby diapers by searching online and asking people in your community. There are a lot of creative ways to get free samples of all the stuff that your baby needs. Read on for more tips and tricks to get free diapers for your little bundle of joy.

Learn How to Find a Free Sample of Diapers

Register with Baby Companies to Get Free Diapers

Disposable diapers can cost as much as $70-80 per month for a baby. Well, you just need to reach out to diaper companies to let them know you are looking for diaper samples. 

Visit their website and register with them. You can sing up with diaper companies, such as Huggies, and Pampers, among others. 


Do not hesitate to call the customer service of the diaper company and express an interest in their free samples. You might be surprised to find free offers for loyal customers. 

Avail of the Rewards Programs of Diaper Companies

You can sign up for reward programs, like Huggies Rewards, to get free diapers for your baby. When you purchase Huggies products, upload a photo of your receipt to their rewards website or the phone app. 

You earn loyalty points for every time that you buy one of their products. The number of points depends on the type of product that you buy. You can use the rewards that you have earned to get free stuff from the Huggies Rewards catalog. 


These include coupons for free Huggies products, which you can use to get baby diapers. The Huggies Rewards phone app is even more attractive as you can avail special offers and coupons by boosting your points on it.

Add Points

You can also add to your points by taking surveys, watching videos, or by reading articles on their website. You get points for sharing content on social media, and by inviting your family and friends to join the program. 

While some of the Huggies Rewards are sent to you by mail, there are others that you will receive via email. There are quite a few other options available to you when you are searching for free diaper offers for your baby. 

Look Out for Good Sales Offers

Infants can require up to as many as 12 diapers in a day – toddlers require about 8 diapers a day. One in three families in the U.S. cannot afford baby diapers. 

Look around, and you can sometimes find coupons for diapers in your local newspaper. Often, your local pharmacies or local stores might advertise for sales via flyers. Make sure to hang on to these for good deals.

Ask Your Physician

Learn How to Find a Free Sample of Diapers

Your pediatrician or OB/GYN often get free samples of diapers and other baby stuff from companies as a marketing strategy. Ask your doctor the next time when you visit them. They can help you to sign up with special clubs that give out baby diapers for free.


The Huggies Rewards Program is an excellent way to get the best deals on baby diapers. You will get 500 free points just for signing up with them! 

These will be immediately added to your account. Besides free diapers, you can get music downloads, free baby photo books, gift certificates, and toys with your reward points. So, go ahead, shop for their excellent product range, and get free stuff in return!