There are no magic tricks that can double or triple your savings overnight. It takes great patience, discipline, and motivation to make it happen. As long as there is an action plan carried out, in no time your savings account will grow.

Having financial freedom is one of the reasons why people work hard. There are different ways to attain financial freedom without depriving your self too much. 


The effective way to make it happen is to improve one’s money-saving abilities. Discover simple but effective ways on how to grow your savings account in this article. Read on to learn more.

Discover These Ways to Make a Savings Account Grow Quickly
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Track Your Spending, Savings, and Investments

The most efficient way to start saving money is to figure out where your money goes. The use of a spending journal will help in tracking spent cash up to the last dime. 

This will let you have a clear idea of where your earnings for a month go. If you are overspending, now is the time to find a workable budget.


From the list of spending, remove unessential things. Experts suggest that to grow your money quickly, be serious in tracking the amount of savings, spendings, and even the amount you put in investments.

Get a Side Gig

If your earnings for your full-time job is just enough to provide for your needs, considering to get a part-time job is a great way to increase your savings quickly. 

Since you have an extra income, the large portion of your earnings can automatically go to your savings. You can save up a little for your wants just to keep you motivated. 


In getting a side gig, make sure that you have a flexible schedule. You don’t want to sacrifice your full-time job just to sustain your side job. If it is impossible to get another job, find other ways to earn extra income, such as selling old stuff. 

Cut Your Spending

This is the typical tip to saving, but it is also one of the most difficult to follow. If you are fond of socializing with friends or shopping, you can be tempted easily to spend money just to enjoy the moment, making it a challenge to cut down expenses. 

With just simple ways of lessening Friday nights, and dropping entertainment costs will save a considerable amount of money. There are ways to have some fun without the need to spend on unnecessary things; you’ll just have to be creative. 

You may also need to re-assess your necessary expenses. You can cut back on costs by choosing alternatives to expensive products that you usually buy. In selecting options for products, make sure that it is also of good quality. 

There is the 30-day rule where you will only decide to purchase a product after 30 days. This rule will avoid impulsive buying. You may want the item now, but there is a possibility that you don’t want it anymore after 30 days so, that will be an instant saving.

Take Advantage of Discounts

Discounts on purchases may not be a significant amount of money, but it can make a considerable reduction in your total bill. Some groceries offer cashback every time you buy an item. 

Besides discounts from the sale, you can save money by buying in bulk or wholesale rather than purchasing in single items.

Don’t Commit to New Recurring Monthly Bills

Discover These Ways to Make a Savings Account Grow Quickly
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Gadgets and other things bought on installment are common nowadays. It is quite tempting to avail products that can be paid in terms of low interest. 

If you are serious in making your savings account multiply, avoid purchases that will oblige you to pay monthly even if it has a low-interest rate.

If you are used to working on a budget monthly, a new bill may ruin your plan. It is much more recommended to save up for the money first before purchasing an item. With this, you will no longer pay for any interest, and there will be no additional bill that you have to pay attention to.


These strategies on how to increase your savings account don’t work for everyone. It is more effective to choose the more suitable technique for your lifestyle and stick to it.