TikTok gained massive success in the year 2020, most probably due to all the free time people had once left at home due to the world being in crisis. However, from the very beginning, the video-sharing platform has been receiving praise from audiences around the world. 

For many people, it has become a great source of entertainment and a means to expose their creativity, while others claim it to be a sheer waste of time. 


Not all songs on TikTok are amazing, but there are a handful of gems on the app that are absolutely amazing and are worth listening to in full. Today, we present to you the 10 most played songs on TikTok that deserve to be listened to in full. Read on to learn more.

Discover the 10 Most Played Songs on TikTok

Prom Queen – Beach Bunny

Prom Queen by an American indie pop band is one of the most meaningful and thoughtful songs on TikTok. Prom Queen is extremely relatable to our normal life and demonstrates how much the beauty standard sucks in our society. 


The song has a powerful message, especially for the teenagers who often compare themselves with others and get depressed. The lyrics of the song inspire and encourage the viewers to be comfortable with who they are and never pretend to be what they are not. 

Old Town Road – Lil Nas X

Old Town Road is arguably the biggest song to go viral on TikTok and later achieved worldwide acclaim. Not just for TikTok videos, the song is equally good to listen to while you are on the road. 

The song was first uploaded on TikTok that embarked on the “Yeehaw Challenge” at the beginning of 2019. Later on, Lil Nas X made up an entire song with the track, which blazed the Billboard on fire. 


Old Town Road became the longest-running number 1 song, in the 61-year history of the Billboard, all thanks to the video-sharing platform.

Lottery – K Camp

The rap song by Atlanta based rapper, K Camp, became more popular for the controversy around its TikTok dance rather than the song itself. Whatever the reason might be, but Lottery is one of the most played songs in the lip-syncing application, because of the "Renegade Challenge". 

The challenge marks various dance moves, like Woah, the wave, and the dab to the rap song. It was created by a teen named Jalaiah Harmon, which was then re-enacted by seemingly everybody. 

Many celebrities, like Charli D'Amelio, Kourtney Kardashian, and Millie Bobby Brown also performed the renegade challenge.

Party Girl – StaySolidRocky

Party Girls' unique beat features a vibe that is absolutely perfect for TikTok's dance videos. Therefore, almost every famous TikTok artists have tried this viral song by American rapper, StaySolidRocky, to dance along. 

Besides the dance videos, this sound is used as a backdrop for almost all sorts of 15-second videos in TikTok, making it one of the most played songs on the platform. It is truly an all-around fan favorite and has been featured in over 8.6 million TikTok videos. 

Nonstop – Drake

Drake's song always has that dance vibe that makes anyone get up and dance, no matter what. Similarly, the "Nonstop" hit song also got its fame on TikTok with different people being creative and coming up with new moves. 

However, the #FlipTheSwitch challenge which uses Drake's Nonstop has become one of the most famous trends on TikTok. For the challenge, two people swap their clothes to the lyrics, "I just flipped the switch". 

Supalonely – Benee Feat. Gus Dapperton

Supalonely is a song that went viral due to its cool dance moves. The song has fun lyrics and a groovy beat that can make anyone want to turn it up. 

The song first went viral when dancer @zoifishh, who is now a popular creator on the TikTok app, created catchy dance steps to this catchy song. 

Besides the dance videos, the track has also been used for various other videos that made rounds on the social media platform. TikTok's big names, like Charli D'Amelio, and Addison Rae also created their version of dance to the song, which hyped the song.

Coincidance – Handsome Dancer 

Coincidance is one of those songs that people in the TikTok community are quite addicted to right now. 

The trend consists of a small snippet of dialogue between two people exchanging the words "Wow, you can really dance" to each other, and at the same time showcasing their dance moves. 

The song was created by James Manzello, an American actor, comedian, musician, and director. Manzello is also the man behind the YouTube channel named, The Handsome Dancer, which releases tons of catchy tunes and comedic dances. 

Savage – Megan Thee Stallion

Savage is another great catchy hip-hop song by Megan Thee Stallion, who is known for her brazen rhymes. The song rose to fame with the help of the "Savage Dance Challenge" created by TikTok artist named JeJe Janajah. 

The dance video became so viral that the singer, Megan Thee Stallion herself posted a video on it to her Instagram account. The remix version of the song also is equally popular in TikTok and has been used in over 600 thousand videos.  

WAP – Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion

We all have seen the #WAPChallenge on TikTok, haven't we? It is always on the top of the trending page. Well, if you are wondering about the song used in the background, then here is the answer to it – WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. 

The fast-paced and joyful dance moves streaked toward the viral status very soon and among many fans was Cardi B, herself. The TikTok #WAPChallenge has more than 1.5 billion views on the video-sharing platform. 

Say So – Doja Cat

Discover the 10 Most Played Songs on TikTok

If anyone deserves to be crowned the queen of music on TikTok, it is Doja Cat. Pretty much every new song the artist has dropped has gone viral on the video-sharing platform. 

One of her many popular songs on TikTok is Say So which also happens to be among the biggest hits of 2020 so far. The "Say So" dance challenge was created by TikTok artist Haley Sharp, who has since then amassed over 1.3 million followers on her account. 

The Bottom Line

If you have been jumping into TikTok challenges without knowing the actual song, we hope the above list has been a help and features some of your favorites as well.