Online games are increasing rapidly in number, providing more avenues for people to connect with friends, try new challenges, and enhance skills in video games. Aside from the popular game called Fortnite, there’s also an incredibly exciting game called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, known as PUBG Mobile. 

It’s the talk of the town, and it is quite addicting to play, as the gameplay and the graphics are awesome. PUBG lets players team up with several players, duos, or squads. Players can also choose to go solo, collect weapons and equipment, and everyone must survive the game. 


With access to Battle Passes, players can rank up faster. Interested in learning how to get an Elite Pass on PUBG? Here’s a guide to the steps needed to get a pass and start participating in events. Read on to learn more.

Discover How to Get an Elite Pass in PUBG Mobile
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PUBG Gameplay Basics

PUBG Mobile starts with players parachuting onto an island. This setting consists of urban and rural environments, allowing players to move around, hide, and find crucial weapons for the game. 

Upon landing, the mission starts by gathering everything a player might need to survive on the island. From clothing, armor, medical supplies, and weapons, you need to find the best items in order to kill other players and at the same time, survive. 


A detailed map is shown on the screen, alerting players whether areas are playable, or if the specific area is taken. As the map decreases in size, players have no choice but to take the shot and get damaged. 

The game’s climax starts when only a few players are held in a small space, and the player or team that emerges becomes the winner. Depending on how players perform, the game can last up to 30 minutes or more

Spark the Flame: Season 14 

A new season was released, entitling players to extra missions and a host of rewards. As the name suggests, the Spark the Flame season is inspired by the fire element, with a Mad Max-inspired setting


The overall vibe is post-apocalyptic, with new game items, such as the Commander Set. Items are upgraded as players progress in the game, unlocking the Rose Unicorn Helmet and the Avian Tyrant set. 

The Roaring Dragon and Drago Hunter-themed rewards are back in this season as part of the Royale Pass’s second anniversary. Players who purchase the Elite Pass can head on to this game and get extra missions and rewards. 

How to Get the Elite Pass 

Discover How to Get an Elite Pass in PUBG Mobile
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To get the Elite Royale Pass, you need 600 Unknown Cash (UC) - Unknown Cash being the currency in PUBG. An upgraded version of Elite Plus Royale Pass costs 1,800 UC. If you have enough money in the game, you can easily purchase passes directly from the store. 

If you don’t have any UC left on your account, you can always purchase some using real money in exchange for the currency. To get 600 UC, you need to pay $10.85, and for 1,800 UC, you can pay $26.46. 

For those who want to score the Elite Royale Pass without spending real money, you simply need to buy one for one season and then complete all the missions. This allows players to earn enough UC to buy the pass without spending more money. 

Another way to earn UC to buy the Elite Royale Pass is to enter a Bonus Challenge in-game tournament. By winning games and battles, you can earn redeemable points from the Bonus Challenge Shop. About 6,000 Battle Points are needed to redeem 600 UC for Elite Royale Pass. 


Getting the Elite Pass is easy if players have enough UC in PUBG, which can be exchanged for the Pass. If the Unknown Cash isn’t enough, simply join tournaments to earn points redeemable for the game currency. 

Get started with the Elite Pass today!