We’ve all been there - it’s a hot summer day, you’re just lying in bed and relaxing, but there’s sweat trickling down your forehead. Your skin feels sticky and clammy, but you’re just too lazy to get up and turn the air conditioning on. 

Sometimes, you just want to be able to cool one room in your home down, while leaving the others alone. This is not possible with central air conditioning systems, but it is with Airzone. 


In this article, we’re going to give you a breakdown of what Airzone is, and how it’s used. Read on to learn more. 

What is Airzone and How to Use It

Overview Of Altra

Airzone is part of the Altra Corporation, a leading company internationally in the HVAC sector. The business consists of extremely qualified professionals, and their work is focused mainly on the research, design, and production of innovative products and services.

Altra’s primary goal, as stated on the Airzone website, is to boost the comfort of their customers as much as possible, while also rationalizing global energy consumption


They believe that the development of technology and innovation is the key to achieving success. 

The group works as a whole, in harmony, to develop and create products that are of the highest quality in order to preserve the commitment they’ve made to building a world that is more efficient. 

They work on developing high-tech solutions to provide their customers with the latest HVAC and HVAC control technologies, and they export their products around the world. 


What Is Airzone?

Airzone aims to go beyond the simple concept of HVAC by giving you full control of your entire air conditioning installation

When using a standard central air conditioning system, the system is generally controlled using a central interface, which adjusts the temperature of every room the system is connected to.

With Airzone, you can choose the temperature that you want for each individual room, while also being able to leave other rooms completely unchanged. This lets you create your very own ultimate comfort experience. 

You can control your Airzone system using their brand of smart thermostats or even using your tablet or smartphone

Why Airzone?

Other than the reasons provided above, you might be wondering why you would choose to use an Airzone air conditioning system. There are actually plenty of reasons to like the company.

For starters, you will be saving yourself quite a bit of money. Air conditioning costs account for 40% of the total expenditure of an apartment or house for electrical energy. This value increases to a whopping 60% in office environments. 

By simply combining the Airzone air conditioning system with your inverter unit, you will be able to reduce your air conditioning costs by 53%. This is according to a study done independently by the University of Malaga.

How Airzone Works

The standard Airzone air conditioning system consists of three different elements. These are smart thermostats, usually one per room or zone; air diffusion elements, generally motorized dampers or grilles, individual units, and electrovalves; and a main control board

The main control board is responsible for analyzing all of the air conditioning information in your home. It will then set the point of operation for all of the production units and get to work regulating the performance of the diffusion units in the system. 

The controls are designed to be as easy to use as possible. The interfaces feature simple graphical displays with touchpads, in English, Spanish, or French, so you can forget about the days where you had to struggle with your old thermostat interface. 

If you’re worried about safety, don’t be. All of the products that Airzone manufacturers meet international safety and quality standards, so you won’t have to worry about them blowing up in your face. 

The systems are also very practical and adapt to the user to avoid problems like overheating and noise. This is in addition to integrating various units into one system.

What is Airzone and How to Use It


As you can see, Airzone is doing everything that many other air conditioning companies should be doing. They are an innovative and creative company, and anyone can benefit from their intuitive air conditioning systems. 

If you would like to find out about home insurance and check that it covers your Airzone, take a look here.