While it was initially meant to launch in March, the new game from Amazon, called Crucible, launched its beta in May this year. It is not Amazon Games Studio’s first video game, but it is certainly the most ambitious and important release the company has ever made. 

It has received a generally positive reception thus far, and the free marketing that it receives simply by being part of the Amazon brand is giving it a head start. 


In this article, we’re going to show you how you can download the game through Steam. Read on for more. 

Crucible: Learn How to Download the New Game From Amazon Through Steam

An Overview of Crucible

Crucible is a PvP hero shooter set in a sci-fi world. It draws some inspiration from other popular video games like Paladins and Overwatch, and some MOBA games as well, like DOTA 2 and League of Legends

The result is a third-person arena action game that places just as much focus on creating your favorite build throughout a match as it is destroying everyone in your path. There are currently three game modes that divide the player base of Crucible.


Harvester Command, Heart of the Hive, and Alpha. The first two focus mainly on survival and control, while the last is more of a Battle Royale, on a smaller scale, with an interesting team-up feature. 

Each of the three modes come with their own unique conditions for winning and idea team compositions. However, you can choose any of the 10 heroes that are currently in the game to play and destroy with. 

Game Modes

Like we mentioned previously, there are three different game modes to choose from when playing Crucible. They are Harvester Command, Heart of the Hive, and Alpha, and each comes with different mechanics and playstyles. 


Harvester Command

Harvester Command is an 8v8 playlist with the largest single teams of any of the modes available at the game’s launch. It is comparable to King of the Hill or Domination modes in other shooters, and teams will fight for control over the Harvesters.

The more Harvesters that your team is in control of at one time, the faster you will accumulate points to your score. The way that you and your team coordinate to attack and defend certain areas is crucial to this mode’s success. 

Heart of the Hive

Heart of the Hive is where the MOBA elements of Crucible really come into play. It is a 4v4 game mode in which teams will fight to locate and destroy a number of hives that grow from the ground around the battlefield. 

Each of the hives is protected by flying creatures that do damage to the players that approach. This means that you are not only fighting against the other players on the enemy team but also against a third party as you try to destroy the hive. 

The first team that collects three Hive Hearts wins. 


Crucible is most like a Battle Royale when it comes to Alpha. In this mode, you are only able to play with one other teammate. The game mode consists only of 10 players, meaning that you have a pretty simple objective: outlive the other teams. 

There is no respawning in this game mode, but there is a unique game mechanic that allows you to offer yourself with another single player if their other teammate died earlier. Of course, you’ll have to live long enough on your own to be able to do this. 

These partnerships will have to come to an end as the game does, and when there are only three players left, you’ll all have to butt heads

Downloading Crucible Through Steam

Crucible is currently in its closed-beta stage of development. This means that you won’t be able to just head over to the Steam store and download it - you’ll have to sign up for the beta-testing program using your Amazon account.

Doing so is quite simple, and once you do, you’ll hear from the developers in no time. They’ll send you an email with all of the instructions you need to download the game from Steam. 

The best part? It’s totally free! No payments whatsoever - just download and get playing. 

Crucible: Learn How to Download the New Game From Amazon Through Steam


It’s clear to see that Crucible is going to be a smash-hit when it’s fully released. If you’re interested in playing, don’t hesitate to sign up for the beta and start shooting. You’re only a click away. 

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