Changing weather can bring a wave of fresh air and beautiful rain, but it also comes with a wave of viruses and a million types of colds that can get you tied to your bed. 

Even though the common cold is very easily cured, it does give you a blocked nose, which is honestly a big hassle, bringing your life to a crashing halt for a few days. 


While a stuffy nose sounds like a minor deal, it can play a very significant hand in troubling you as it often makes you feel fatigued. If you do get the common cold, here are easy tips to get rid of a blocked nose. Read on to learn more.

Learn How to Get Rid of a Blocked Nose


Remember blowing your nose helps tremendously to clear out a blocked nose. The mucus performs the job to clean out any germs residing in your nose. 

So, your body is naturally protecting and defending you against further infection. All you’ve to do is keep blowing it out when you feel the need to and apply some cream to avoid any redness in the nasal area.


Use Nasal Saline 

To clear out the thick and dried mucus present in your nose, use a saltwater nose spray. These types of sprays are completely harmless and are readily available at all local health stores without any prescriptions. 

Their benefits are miraculous as it reduces any inflammation flaring up and empties out any liquid from your nose. All you have to do is carefully put some drops in each of your nostrils. 

Then, blow each of them and repeat the whole process until your nose is back to normal. But, it’s also advised not to overuse the nose spray to speed up recovery as it can cause further irritation.  


Warm Water Is Your Best Friend 

Keep your warm water and warm beverages extremely close when you have a stuffed nose. Especially taking a long, warm shower can do you much good that you would think. 

Through the shower, keep inhaling the warm steam around you through each nostril as it will help clear out the nasal passage. This will ease out any problems you may have with breathing. After the shower, use a wet tissue to remove the residue mucus from your nose.  

Stay Hydrated  

It is common advice to stay hydrated for flushing out toxins, but it becomes especially important when you have a stuffed nose. The intake of more water will thin out the mucus in your nose and loosen any phlegm that may be residing in your lungs. 

It pushes out the fluid in your nose while also reducing the pressure on your sinuses. Since the high intake of water thins out the mucus, it will make it easier to cough it all out.

Take Medicines 

Taking decongestion medicines can aid in reducing the swelling as well as the pain that comes with a stressed nasal passage. You can purchase a common decongestant without a doctor’s prescriptions at any drug store. 

Moreover, you can either opt for a nasal spray or a pill for which you may have to visit a pharmacy. You can also take an allergy medicine but only if the blocked nose is a repercussion of an allergic reaction.

A Warm Compress

Learn How to Get Rid of a Blocked Nose

Make all warm things your best companions when you have a stuffy nose. A warm compress especially helps to unclog the nasal passage by opening it up. The warmth that it bestows will ease out any pain you may be suffering from and reduce any inflammation caused due to the blocked nose. 

While you can purchase a readymade hot compress, it is also easily made at home. All you’ve to do is fold a towel into a rectangle and soak it completely in warm water. Squeeze out any excess which may drip, and then place it over your forehead and nose.

The Bottom Line 

Blocked and stuffy noses can be a complete hassle. But, these tips can ease out inflammation and ease pain caused by it. Also, before you indulge in medications, it is always advisable to consult a doctor so as to not worsen the congestion.