When it comes to personal finance, it's okay to admit you need a little advice, which is where money podcasts come into play. Some people tend to shy away from finance dealings because they can get pretty confusing. With interest rates and all the other numbers involved, you can instantly feel as if handling money is an impossible task. If you can relate to this feeling, you're normal because most people are like this.

If you don’t want to do all the research, a good way of getting insight and suggestions is to listen to money podcasts touching on the topics about personal finance and money management in general.


You can learn about investing, budgeting, saving, and more. Listed below are four money podcasts you should listen to.

Money Podcasts to Listen to

Smart Passive Income

If you are digital savvy and want to earn more money online, look up Smart Passive Income on an available podcast streaming service to know the ins and outs of the online market. Created by Pat Flynn, who is an entrepreneur, blogger, and influencer making more than $100,000 doing online business, this podcast will get you familiarized little by little. He posts weekly podcast series to give advice about making passive income as a blogger or influencer.


With Flynn’s series, you can also learn about the tips for making money online and developing your selling strategies.

Popcorn Finance

Here’s a cool series that only lasts one to three minutes per episode, basically discussing anything related to finance. As the title suggests, in the time it takes to make a bag of popcorn, you can learn about finding high-paying jobs, side hustles, choosing banks, credit cards, and more. These are short podcasts that get straight to the point and help you reflect on your financial habits.

New episodes are posted weekly, and you can choose the topics that spark your personal or financial interest. Topics vary from food budget control to debt consolidation, moving to new houses, and investing.


Money for the Rest of Us

Have you been thinking about how you can save up for retirement? Search for the podcast titled Money for the Rest of Us, and listen to David Stein as he talks about wealth building and investing. The series is basically for those who want to attain financial freedom by the time they reach their retirement years. David also tackles the topic of retirement IQ, where he shares useful advice on wealth building.

The podcast is available on the Money for the Rest of Us website, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

Listen! Money Matters

Listen to funny guys who are not experts on finance but definitely know how to be ‘financial badasses’. Listen! Money Matters is a podcast series that tackles personal finance in a ‘not your father’s boring money show’ kind of attitude.

The topics are endless, from investing to cryptocurrencies, spending, monetizing a blog, and more. What makes these guys worth listening to is the fact that they’ve experienced hardships themselves, and they provide insights on how to turn the table and earn more money. The podcast also has its own website where you can check out useful articles about finance.


Get good financial content from these podcasts so you can have an idea of how to manage your money and improve your wealth portfolio. It only takes a few minutes to gain new knowledge, so make sure to listen to these money podcasts today.