If you find your monthly household expenses surpassing your income, then you are in trouble and could soon end up in debt if you are not already there. You must immediately start thinking of ways that can help you drastically cut down on your household expenses in order to survive.

This is, however, not surprising, given that 78% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck and 71% of them are in debt. These statistics are horrifying, and it’s no wonder that most people are asking how they can drastically cut their household expenses.


In this blog, we shall give you some pointers on what you can do. These are simple tips that anyone can incorporate into their everyday life and their budget so they can live a less stressful life. It may sound a lot like denying yourself, and it is partly true. However, being more frugal can go a long way.

Cut Down on Your Phone Bills

You really do not need to have the most expensive cell phone plan. Choosing a cheaper plan can help get rid of your astronomical phone bills. You should also evaluate what you are constantly using your cell phone for; check to see if there are other ways around this that could help make the package cheaper than it is currently.


Try Shopping on a Budget

Are you the kind of person that simply goes to the supermarket without any plan in mind? Maybe this is why you tend to spend so much on your shopping trips. Having a plan, such as a shopping list, when you go grocery shopping, and sticking to a budget, can go a long way into helping you cut down on your expenses.

Here are a few tips you can follow.

Have a plan.

When you put yourself on a tight budget, then you are at a better place of cutting down on your expenses. If you do not stick to your plan, then there are high chances that things will go horribly wrong, and once again you shall find yourself spending more than you are making.


A good plan should comprise of your income and your expenses. Writing down what you need to buy also helps you to cut out things that are not important, which helps you in cutting down your household expenses.

Only buy quality products when they are important; otherwise, always go cheap.

There are a few instances where you should never compromise on quality, such as when buying kitchen appliances, furniture, beds, shoes, etc. These are things you will need to use for a long time, and therefore going for the best is always wise.

Other than those few products, you must always try to go cheap as much as you can. When you go to the supermarket, don’t always buy the most important toilet paper or the most expensive coffee; buy value brands and try to cut costs as much as you can.

Only carry the exact amount of cash you need day to day.

After making a list, you need to estimate how much each product will cost. You could go a step further and visit the grocery store website so you can have a rough idea of how much money you need to carry to the supermarket, and in this way, you shall be wary of spending in excess.

Limit your time at the store.

The longer you take at the supermarket, the more you shall want to spend beyond what you have. This is only natural. You will also find that shopping for a long time makes you hungry, and so you decide to pass by a restaurant and have a bite to eat, which will only dig yourself more into debt.

Try Cutting Down on Food Expenses

The average American spends around $7,000 on food alone. This is definitely worth budgeting. Everyone loves food, but you shouldn’t make it cost you your savings. Here are a few tips that can help you cut down on your food expenses.

Compare the prices of food.

When doing your weekly grocery shopping, check on various grocery store websites to compare the price of different food products, so you can go with the cheapest. You may be surprised at saving almost $50 simply by choosing the cheapest store to shop at.

Use coupons.

Coupons are great saving options when shopping. You must, however, be extra careful not to overspend, because 90% of the coupons on offer are for items that you do not necessarily need in your home. Using a coupon because it is a “great saving” is wrong. You should only use them on items you have on your shopping list, or what you use regularly.

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If you have been asking how to drastically cut household expenses, we hope that this blog has helped you find ways that you can do this effortlessly. Look at it as a way of saving money, rather than denying yourself pleasures.