Tipping usually is a personal decision. According to statistics, different people tip differently, and this could be as a result of many varying factors. So, asking how much to tip delivery is a diverse question that has several answers, and is likely to start a deep debate.

If you order a pizza, or food that is delivered to your doorstep, it’s only fair that you tip the person who delivered the food to you. Not giving the delivery person a tip is just rude. If you do not want to leave a tip, you can simply pick up the food instead.


Are you confused about how much you should tip for delivery? As aforementioned, the exact amount is somewhat up for debate. However, let’s try to analyze how much you should tip.

Food Delivery

Food is obviously the most common delivery. Almost everyone orders food, and if you are wondering how much to tip delivery man, here is how you should go about it.


If your order is less than $20 worth of food, you should give a minimum of at least $3. If your order exceeds the $20 mark, then consider giving at least 10-15% of the order as a tip.

Most people have their own tipping range. Some will give 10%, others 15%, and the best tippers will give 20% and above. Young people are more likely to give a tip of at least 15%. This is the 18-21 demographic.

The older generation actually tips the most. This is the 61-70 age group. They are more likely to give a tip of 21%. Millennials have been found to be the worst tippers. This is the 22-37 age group. Statistics show that almost 27% of millennials will prefer to dine in high priced restaurants that do not require tipping.


Tipping And Delivery Charges

In addition to tips, most restaurants will charge you a delivery fee, which is added to your bill. So, the question is: how much should you tip pizza delivery when there is a delivery fee?

What you need to understand is that delivery fees never go to the delivery people, and should never be considered to be a replacement for the tip. Therefore, you should still tip the delivery person, even after you have paid for the cost of delivery.

When You Should Tip More

It is important not to consider tipping as optional. Your delivery driver is not a waiter. As such, they are not able to receive tips as the rest of the people working in the restaurant. Therefore, there are instances when you should consider tipping a little more than normal, such as the following.

  • When there is bad weather – snow, heavy rain, hailstorms, rain, etc. These conditions, of course, make it harder to navigate traffic, so, show your appreciation by giving the delivery person a little extra.
  • When they had to travel long distances to get to you.
  • When the driver has excellent customer service.

Why Is It Important To Tip?

Typically, food delivery drivers are paid minimum wage, or even less. Therefore, they mainly rely on the tips they hope to receive from deliveries. The history of tipping dates back to the middle ages, and things changed in the ’60s when Congress agreed to let workers receive a lower minimum wage since they could supplement their income through tips. This is one of the reasons why most people feel a sense of duty when it comes to tipping.

Other Tipping Statistics

A lot of research has been done on this topic, and while most people are still tipping in the 21st century, there are plenty of variations on how they tip and how much they tip. Overall, the differences have to do with gender, age group, and income range.


According to statistics, women tip better than men in most scenarios. However, some studies say this is not always the case. The difference in the wage gap between men and women is also a factor to consider when it comes to tipping. A 1993 study showed that men were actually better tippers than women, due to their differences in income.

A lot of factors go into play when it comes to tipping. The decision-making process of human beings is quite fascinating to environmental scientists who study human behavior and the irrationality of their decision making. As such, everyone develops their own rational on how much they should tip.

Income Range

It goes without saying that those who earn more money are most likely to give their delivery drivers more. A survey showed that people who earn $50,000 or more each year gave more significant tips than those who earned less than $50,000. This simply indicates that wealthier Americans have more money to spend and are able to be more generous.



We have all been conflicted at one point or another, about how much to tip for deliveries. If we give too little, we are left feeling guilty. If we give too much, we beat ourselves up about wasting money. In general, the minimal amount that you should consider tipping should be at least 20%. It’s not too much. It’s not too little. In today's time, it is the accepted tipping rate for good service.