If you are into real estate, you must have heard the term "house flipping" at some point. Well, for those who haven’t, it is a process of buying a house, refurbishing it, and reselling it quickly at a profit.

But, before you buy any house, experts advise buying in areas with rising home values and making sure to renovate them to today’s tastes.


Before you flip any house, first check out these five house flipping rules that experts encourage us never to break.

House Flipping Rules

Never Exceed Your Limits

This goes out to people who like flipping houses themselves. Whereas it is very economical and can save you some money, it is essential to understand your limits and not go overboard. Before you buy a house, do you know your limit?


How about doing the repairs? How much should you repair before putting your home back on the market? That is why experts recommend having a team of professionals to take you through the whole process.

Get a Professional Home Inspection

As they say, all that glitters is not gold. A house might look good on the outside but could be lurking behind the walls. Before you even commit to buying any house, be sure to have a professional inspection regardless of whether you are making small or significant renovations.

It only takes an expert to unearth issues that you would have rather not fond out about or overlooked. Things such as electrical issues, foundation, or structural issues could be present, which might cost you a lot of money to repair. Also, if there are any issues discovered, you may get the house at a lower price.


Never Fall for a Flip House

Whereas some flipped houses might look appealing to the eye, never fall for them. Always keep in mind that you are flipping according to the general market, not you. This might also work against you because your taste might not be someone else’s taste. Consider what the general market wants before you flip your house to increase the chances of it being sold.

Don’t Let Trends Put You Over Budget

Cabinet styles, flooring, and painting styles come and go. Never let it get into you that your flipped house has to look like it’s the one “on the market”. This will only make you spend more than you would have instead spent.

Keep in mind that when you are flipping a house, time and money are everything. All these special details and appliances should be considered later after taking care of the foundation and roofing.

Location Is Everything

Remember the real estate mantra? “Location, location, location.” Well, this applies to flipping houses, too. Think about it for a minute. How many people can live on a busy street or in the middle of a town?

You can fix old kitchens, weak roofs, and windows, but how will you fix that drug dealer next door? How about those whirling cars passing by every day? The bottom line is, bad and unsafe locations should be avoided like the plague if you want to make it in real estate.


If you are starting up, it's better you start small as you learn the ropes of house flipping. Otherwise, make use of a professional or a friend who has been in this business for advice before you make any blunders.