Sandship: Crafting Factory is the newest factory management simulator developed by Rockbite Games, and is quite a new contender to the mobile gaming industry.

If you are a Deep Town: Mining Factory player who enjoys the gameplay, then you’ll already be familiar with the amount of time and effort that Rockbite puts into developing its games.


In this short article, we’re going to show you some of the quickest ways to acquire gold and gems in Sandship: Crafting Factory. These are all easily accessible methods, so you should have no trouble with them.

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What Is Sandship: Crafting Factory?

Sandship: Crafting Factory is a factory management simulator that takes you to a unique, post-apocalyptic world in a science-fiction setting, in which an advanced civilization once ruled the land.

Harvey, your cyborg mentor, and game guide will help you manage the only sand ship in the world as you try to uncover the ancient knowledge that permeates the world, and use engineering and research to protect it. Sandship: Crafting Factory is unlike other mobile game, so you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the initial instructions.


Try to pay attention to each and every description that the game provides you with, as skipping them to get to the gameplay will only end up hindering your progress. At first, it’s going to seem quite complex, but once you are familiar with the menus and buttons, everything else becomes easy to understand. 

Sandship: Crafting Factory can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Get Familiar with the Basics

The whole point of Sandship: Crafting Factory is to manage your own, automated mobile factory. Even though you will need to rediscover and research pretty much all of the technology, you have nearly all of the means necessary at your disposal to develop your factory to its full potential.


Planning is crucial early on in the game, especially before you execute the actual layout that you will need for production. Every block saved for future improvements and expansions matters, and there will be plenty of new opportunities to expand.

Be sure that you understand your inventory as well. It will store lore items, your inbox, and upgrade materials too.

Complete Quests

There is not much guidance early on in the game, which is why it is vital that you let the game’s quests serve as your guide.

Quests will not only provide you with extra gems and credits to speed up your progress, but they will also serve as guides for what you should do next.

Constantly Fulfill Contracts

It is more important to continuously manufacture goods so that you will be able to offer the necessary items for different contracts since contracts will serve as a valuable source of both income and data needed for research purposes.

The contracts in Sandship: Crafting Factory are classified by the time it takes to complete. Contracts that only take a few minutes to complete will generally have fewer requirements and will reward you with fewer XP and credits.

You will only be rewarded with common crates in the beginning, but, as you progress, you will have more chances to acquire a contract that offers rarer rewards.

Spend Your Currency and Resources Wisely

There are many ways to earn credits and gems in Sandship: Crafting Factory, and you will eventually start to generate credits by yourself.

You will have plenty of credits to start with, and the maximum number of credits that you can store increases as you research more and more.

You will need to manage your credits quite carefully, since purchasing new factories, upgrading your sandship, and expanding, are all tasks that will become more and more expensive as the game progresses.

Solve Puzzles

This is one of the best ways in the game to accumulate large sums of credits quickly. The Puzzle Building can be purchased like any other building in the game and comes with a fun and unique game mode that is educational and challenging.

Each puzzle starts out with a number of devices laid onto a platform. There will also be some missing devices on the side panel that you need to place so that the operation can resume smoothly.

Clearing a puzzle will reward you with 1000 credits, and the next puzzle will load up instantly, allowing you to accumulate credits very quickly.

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There are many ways to acquire plenty of gems and credits in Sandship: Crafting Factory. As you can see, they all involve playing the game and completing its tasks.

We hope that you found this guide helpful and will enjoy your gaming adventures.