In such an oversaturated genre, the 2020 game, Disintegration, stands out among other first-person shooters. This is due to its unique take on gameplay conventions.

This game combines elements of both real-time strategy mechanics and first-person shooter conventions. Disintegration hopes to keep players entertained with both a respectable single-player campaign and an exciting 5v5 multiplayer.


Truly, Disintegration is a stand-out on the market. In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about this excellent FPS, as well as detail what credits are in the game and how you can acquire them.

Learn How to Get Credits in Disintegration

What is Disintegration?

Disintegration is the flagship title from V1 Interactive, an independent video game studio founded by the co-creator of the incredible Halo series, Marcus Lehto. While Halo was a pioneer in the emerging FPS genre at the time, Disintegration hopes to innovate and reinvigorate a stale gameplay loop with its unique features and world.


Have a look at the game’s single-player campaign here.


In Disintegration’s single-player campaign, you play as Romer Shoal, who leads a team of outlaws against an oppressive regime bent on merging all of humanity with machines. The premise of rebelling against the man is certainly not a new one, but Disintegrations’ world certainly is.

In terms of gameplay, you control Shoal from a first-person perspective and fight hordes of baddies in typical FPS fashion. However, Disintegration’s gameplay doesn’t stop there. 

You also have access to the Gravcycle. The Gravcycle hovers above the ground and provides you with more mobility and speed than the average trooper. 


The Gravcycle also allows you to issue commands to your squadron of rebels and provides even more nuance to the gameplay. The vehicle comes in three distinct variations, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The vehicle can be upgraded, along with Shoal himself.


Have a look at the game’s multiplayer campaign here.

In keeping with Disintegration’s emphasis on twisting genre conventions, you can bet that the game’s multiplayer mode plays differently from other squad-based shooters. For starters, each player controls his or her own Gravcycle, which enables them to lead a small group of AI soldiers

The type of soldiers available for the player to command depends on which “crew” the player chooses. There are nine crews to choose from. 

The Gravcycle also allows players to zoom around the map. The map is sprawling enough to accommodate vehicular travel while still enabling them to stand and fight when necessary. 

Currently, there are three maps and three game modes to keep you entertained for the time being. Seeing as how the game has just launched, we can expect to see much more in terms of variety in the upcoming months. For now, though, Disintegration’s multiplayer option is a fun, near-sublime distraction.

Who is this Game Meant For?

Players of Destiny and Halo - both Bungie-developed franchises - should feel right at home on the battlefield of Disintegration’s tense sci-fi FPS shoot-outs. However, this game is also for those who have a keen eye for strategy or for those who simply want more depth out of their first-person shooters.

In terms of age ratings, Disintegration is recommended for teens and up, and we understand why. It requires just a little more patience on the player’s part to fully get the hang of it.

What are Credits and How Can You Get Them?

Credits are Disintegration’s form of in-game currency. They are used to purchase cosmetic items for use in multiplayer, such as new skins, paint jobs, and attachments for your Gravcycle. 

Credits don’t affect gameplay whatsoever, as this is not “pay to win”. Credits are earned through playing matches, and the more you play, the more you’ll get. 

Typically, you’ll earn about 100 credits per match, but this number can vary. The only other way to earn credits is to pay for them with real-world money

They are purchased in bundles, with the smallest bundle being 500 credits at $4.99, and the biggest being 6100 credits for $49.99. Again, there is no pressure to purchase credits, and for most, the grind for credits will be enough.

Learn How to Get Credits in Disintegration


That’s a wrap. That’s everything you need to know about Disintegration. However, the real knowledge will come from playing the game for yourself. Give it a try and you'll be glad you did!