Business ideas for women no longer have to involve make-up and Tupperware. Sometimes your personal, simple idea to fix a problem can be a major moneymaker. Ellen Latham came up with a simple fitness plan idea or Koel Thomae who came up with a simple yogurt, both ideas were hugely successful.

Those women have been featured in Forbes and today they are running multimillion-dollar companies. There are hundreds of others out there that have made their personal passion a business. This is a great inspiration for women who are thinking about branching out on their own.


A business requires patience, passion, and dedication to see it through, no matter what it is. In this review, we are going to focus on ideas that don't require thousands in capital. We are going to look into simple ideas you can set up and start right away.

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Let’s start

Business Ideas For Women You Can Start Easily


Everyone loves candles, and they are a big moneymaker. Each year, this industry makes billions of dollars from the sale of all sorts of candles. If you are looking for a business idea, you can simply do a YouTube search and learn how to make them.


The key here is to try and come up with a unique idea such as making images on the candles or making exciting new scents. This can be a lucrative business for anyone interested.

Become A Party Planner

If you love parties (who doesn’t?) and you constantly find yourself planning parties for your friends, then you should consider taking it up as a career. A party planner is someone of influence and one who knows where to find the best party deals such as the best hotels for holding a party, the best caterers and the best party ideas to make it great and unforgettable.

Interior Design

This is a niche that most people do not even know that they can excel at. Have you ever noticed how particular you are about your home and color schemes? Have you found yourself choosing specific pieces for very specific places in your home? Doesn’t it all come together perfectly?


Well, you should consider a career in interior design. As an interior design, you shall be tasked with the responsibility of designing other people’s homes and transforming their houses into homes. This is the kind of job that shall always leave you happy and satisfied when you see a happy client.

Gift Baskets

At one point or the other, you may have thought of sending someone a gift basket and had to do it all by yourself. This is not exactly an interesting job for people who do not have any sense of creativity. If you are creative and can come up with beautiful baskets filled with beautiful stuff, you shall be surprised to find that people shall be willing to buy them. This is a great opportunity for starting a home-based business and some great women entrepreneurs have started out small and gone on to become super powerful. That could be you.

Marketing Agency

This job requires someone who has worked in marketing before. If you've worked in the field, you'll be surprised to know, how much you actually know. Working at a marketing agency means that you help people with their marketing needs, and you must be very good at it so they can keep coming back and using your services.

You should also be willing to help companies achieve their marketing goals such as venturing into new markets and coming up with new ways of delivering their products and services. This is one of those jobs that have the potential of being big and great.

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Business Ideas For Women Conclusion

As a woman, you do not have to conform to any old labels, you're in the drier seat. You should know by now that you can do anything you set your mind to, regardless of experience.

While starting a business is not easy, patience, hard work, and determination can go a long way. The women we mentioned above all started small, even giving up at some point, but they dusted themselves off and kept going. An idea may look too simple to try but think of the woman who thought of Spanx.

She thought her dress looked funny and uncomfortable and the Spanx idea was born. Her product was featured on Oprah’s favorite things and her business sky-rocketed. The idea you have may be simple, but it could end up making you millions.