Real estate investing is one of the greatest investment options if you are considering an ongoing passive income. If the value of your property increases over time, you will be reaping big rewards. Some people have used this as a strategy to build wealth. However, you need to be ready to start this kind of investment.

To begin with, you need a significant amount of money up front to start your investment. Buying an apartment, home, or land is quite costly. Not forgetting maintenance costs and the potential for income gaps that can occur when you are between tenants.


Real estate investing is buying and reselling the property to build wealth. You can do this on your own or with the help of investment companies. Most investors own more than one property, and their profit comes from rent paid by tenants and equity built through property appreciation. Real estate investment should never be intimidating. This guide is a list of the five easiest ways to get your start in real estate investing.

real estate is one of the most lucrative investments today
Real estate is one of the most lucrative investments.

Rental Properties

Buying rental properties is one of the best ways to start investing in real estate. This begins with choosing the right property, finding tenants, maintaining the property, signing service agreements with tenants, and then starting to collect rent every month.

One disadvantage might be finding the right property that is strategically located. Note that with real estate, geographical location matters so much. This is because, in some areas, prices have appreciated so much to the extent that you can’t get a lucrative deal. Once you buy your property, you will have control over it compared to other investments like the stock market.


Consider House-Flipping

This is where you buy a property at a discount and flip it or improve it with the purpose of appreciating its value and then reselling it at a profit. There is also a live-in flip, which is a property that an investor renovates while living in at the same time. This benefits you in two ways.

  • You will make money once you sell the property.
  • You avoid extra rent costs of paying rent in a house you will be renting.

Flipping a property can be done within a few months, and you can start enjoying the profits immediately when you get a tenant.


This is a new trick in the real estate market. Instead of buying an entire property, you can buy a small share of a project or property with the help of a real estate crowdfunding platform. Note that not all platforms are equal. Always aim for the one led by real estate professionals who qualify to screen investments. From there, you can decide which real estate you want to invest into.


Multifamily Home

These are properties that house more than one family. The fact that people are always looking for new properties to live in explains the consistent demand for rentals, no matter the economic environment. If done correctly, a multifamily investment is lucrative.

Real Estate Wholesaling

This is where there is a middle man involved between a buyer and seller transaction, and in this case, the wholesaler is the middleman. As a middleman, all you do is focus on finding the right property and negotiating the price. In return, you can resell the agreement to another investor. The beauty with this is that you do not need to part with money to start. The difference between real estate wholesaling and brokering is that the latter requires a license, while the former doesn’t.


It is always advisable to start small by purchasing one duplex and maybe staying in another. After renovating and selling off one, you can then think about moving and buying another property. Always remember to study your market, know what is trending, and be aware of what is not before you decide exactly what to buy. Lastly, geographical location will broadly impact whether your property sells or not.