In a society in which consumerism becomes a lifestyle for many people, it's wise to come up with clever money-making tips when you decide to declutter the unnecessary items you have laying around. Acquiring new items has become a major part of people’s lives. Because of this, many individuals have accumulated things that were necessary for their everyday living at first but are now no longer needed. In fact, some even acquire things they simply don’t even need.

Many of us have fallen into this consumerist trap and are now looking for ways to get rid of things that are no longer used. This comes in light of various decluttering trends including the Konmari Method. Combined with the rise of minimalist lifestyles shown on social media, this trend has definitely captivated many individuals.


If you are one of these people, you might want to make sure that you earn back some of the money you spent acquiring these items. This way, you will not feel that acquiring and letting go of these things is such a loss. By earning back even a small portion of what you spent, you can start saving and living a more financially prudent life. Below, you will learn money-making tips on how you can do this.

Money-Making Tips When Disposing of Belongings

Sell Them as Pre-Loved Items

One of the most obvious money-making tips is to sell your belongings as second-hand items. Many individuals are looking for cheaper options, so instead of buying brand-new items, they go for pre-loved ones. So, you definitely have a market for your belongings.


Now, make sure that you price your items reasonably. Gadgets and electronic devices depreciate quicker than non-electronic pieces. So, if you are selling gadgets that you have used heavily for a year, then you might need to sell it for almost half the original price.

Bundle Them with Others

If you are selling small items such as ornaments, clothes, and books, you might want to bundle them with other things at a discounted price. This will help you get rid of your things faster while still earning some of your money back. Just keep in mind that you should not bundle something with a vastly different item as this can turn off buyers interested only in one type of thing you are selling. So, never bundle your make-up kits with, say, motorcycle parts. This is one of those money-making tips that works best if you have a lot of little items to get rid of. You wouldn't want to bundle multiple high-priced items.

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Add Value to the Item

You don’t only have the option of selling your belongings at a loss. You can elevate the price by adding value to it. This will be more possible if you have some skills that you can put to good use. Repurposing or recycling things can be a great start. Instead of selling bare plant pots, why not paint them with a work of art?


You can also add value by assembling items. For example, instead of selling computer parts from old sets, why not take what you can use and assemble a new set? This way, you can sell it at a more justifiable price.

When getting rid of things, you do not have to feel defeated knowing that you will be disposing of items that cost you money. With these money-making tips, you can make a bit of money even if it is just a portion of what you paid.