This guide will indicate some ways to know that you're living beyond your means. Struggling through your monthly budget? Surely, nearly everyone has experienced going through a tight budget from time to time.

However, if you find yourself being stuck in an endless financial struggle, that might be a clear indication you’re living way beyond your means.


To help you identify whether you’re in the red zone, here are 7 of the most obvious signs you’re living a lifestyle that doesn’t suit your budget.

Struggle of Living Way Beyond Your Means

You’re struggling to maintain a personal savings.

One of the key signs that could indicate you’re mismanaging your finances is by checking out your savings. In most cases, people who live way more than their means allow may find themselves struggling to keep decent savings.


You carry a balance on your credit card.

Credit card debt may not mean the end of the world, but it may be one of the key signs that could indicate your finances are going down the drain. If you’ve been finding yourself with swelling credit card balances, this might be an indication that you’re spending way more than you’re earning. If you want to be a responsible credit card holder, read the tips on how to use credit cards responsibly.

You don’t know where your money went.

Struggling to determine where your money went? If yes, then that might be a sign you’re losing a strict track of your daily spending and are likely to be living a life that is way beyond your budget. Without an immediate course of action, you are likely to find yourself with an empty wallet in no time.

You’re almost penniless at the end of the month.

Another way to know whether you’re spending more than you’re actually earning is by taking a look at your financial status at the end of each month. If you’ve been struggling through a tight budget before the month closes, this means you’ve exhausted most of your budget on some unnecessary things or activities all through that month.


You have no emergency fund.

Aside from having personal savings, people who are good at managing their finances also keep their own emergency funds. If you found yourself unable to reserve a few bucks meant to help you in case of emergency, this might mean you’re spending beyond your budget and have to reevaluate your chosen lifestyle.

You’re borrowing cash from your friends or family.

In most cases, people who find themselves borrowing some loads of cash from their loved ones are likely to be victims of wealth mismanagement. Although getting quick cash from someone else might seem to be an easy alternative for your money problems, this might backlash into something you won’t be able to handle in the future.

You’re stressing over your finances.

People who catch themselves amid emotional distress caused by money on a regular basis are likely to be living their lives beyond their actual means. In most cases, finding yourself stressing over your monthly finances could mean you need to start developing a clear and apt budget plan.


Spending on the things you love may seem to be a dream-come-true. However, without the right budget planning and consciousness on your current state, this dreamy activity might lead you straight into the hell hole where you're living way beyond your means.

Have you been spending way beyond your budget? Talk to a financial advisor today.