Many people will attest to how budgeting is hard, and college students are no exception. You may find yourself needing some budgeting tips.

With so many experiences and opportunities at universities, it can be very tempting to spend and forget about tomorrow. You need to learn to budget now; if not, it will be hard for you even later in life.


It is a commonplace for college students to want to explore and enjoy whatever life has to offer. However, you do not want to indulge and end up running broke, hence paying considerable sums in student loans. So, what are some of the ways you can budget while in college? Pay attention to these 5 budgeting tips for college students.

Budgeting Tips for College Students

Use Financial Apps

As a college student, you have a lot going on, and every day is barely the same. From lectures to assignments, exams, discussions, partying, and clubs, all these time obligations will require you to come up with a structure that will enable you to track your spending habits.


There are several free budgeting apps that you can make use of. Once you start saving using these money apps, it will become part of your routine, hence making it easy for you to save.

Pay Off Your Student Loan

If you have so many accumulating loans, financial advisors usually encourage clearing off student loans first. This should be done immediately, not after graduating. You may ask how? Get some side jobs as you are studying and start paying the loan little by little. Paying off the debt should be part and parcel of your budget.

Use Your Student I.D. to Get Some Discounts

Forget about movie tickets; your student I.D. can get you valuable discounts that you shouldn’t miss out on. For instance, with a valid students I.D., you can enjoy free shipping on Amazon on millions of items, exclusive college promotions, and deals.


Other deals to get a hold of include food, computer software, clothing, concerts, and so much more. Before you purchase anything, always remember to ask whether there is a student discount available.

Go for Free Events

There are always free events and concerts happening in colleges throughout the year, so save that extra dollar and go for these instead. However appealing going to night clubs is, you will spend more money than you had budgeted for initially. Also, attending college concerts is an excellent way to hook up and bond with fellow students.

Go for a Cash Back Credit Card

Just like it is with any other credit card, if you want a cashback credit card to work for you, you need to be responsible. Can you manage credit responsibly? Will you pay your credit card on time? Then go for it.

With this type of credit card, at least you will be assured of money back on every purchase you make. However, you should first consult your credit card issuer and understand their terms and regulations before you commit to signing up for any credit card.


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to budgeting tips for college-goers. There are several ways you can budget as a college student, including getting side hustles and listing down and tracking all your expenses. Also, making a budget and sticking to it will help you save that extra dollar.