Ever thought about what you could be doing 30 years from now? For many, planning for their retirement only comes when they’re already near their golden years. However, this is not the proper way to ensure a happy and comfortable life ahead. In fact, when it comes to preparing for your retirement, it is never too early to get started.

Whether you’re someone in your early 20s who has just recently entered the working field or a long-time 30-something employee, preparing for your retirement comes as a necessary task you must not dare miss.


That’s why, in order to help you get the most out of your retirement and enjoy a financially stable future ahead, here are a few important financial rules to remember and live by. Read on.

Retirement Rules to Live By

Keep on Feeding the Pig

“Save money!” You’ve probably heard or read this line numerous times already – in magazines, on the radio, in online articles, television shows, and even straight from your mom’s mouth. However, just to be sure, we are repeating it once again just to highlight its importance.


Believe it or not, saving a portion of your monthly income continuously will benefit you in the long run. Although this might come as a rough stretch at the start, maintaining and growing your financial savings without delay will surely help make your retirement a whole lot easier and happier.

Avoid Debts

Although borrowing money could provide you instant relief in times of need, getting yourself out of it may not be easier than you originally expect. In fact, since interests multiply as days and weeks go by, you may one day find yourself stuck amid piles of debts that far exceed your financial capability.

With this, it is important to avoid getting into debts as much as possible. This wouldn’t just help you save more cash for your retirement years but also promises less stressful and more carefree days in your golden years.


Work Toward Getting a Pension

Whether you accept it or not, once you reach retirement, you are sure to experience a considerable reduction in income. Fortunately, by having a pension scheme, you can enjoy having monthly income even when you’re already in retirement.

Although not all companies offer pension plans for their employees, finding one will surely help you in the long run. To briefly explain, registering for such a scheme will require your employer to contribute money to the pension plan while you are working. Once you’ve reached a specific retirement age, the money will be provided to you, usually in the form of a monthly check.

Working towards getting a pension is especially important for people who haven’t saved enough cash during their earlier careers before retiring.


When it comes to preparing for your retirement, follow this motto: the earlier, the better. With the right rules and tips, you are sure to build a lighter, happier, and more comfortable future ahead.

For better retirement plans, don’t hesitate to meet with a financial advisor today. They can provide you the right financial strategy to save up for your retirement.