Gone are the days when you've had to talk face to face with a therapist to get support. Chatting, phone calls, and video conferencing have made accessing mental treatment from wherever you are smoother than ever.

This is a positive thing, given that due to the COVID-19 crisis, most of us are trapped at home and could use some support from online counseling services. 


If you used to see a therapist and stopped or just wanted to go but could never make it happen, now could be the best time to talk to licensed therapists. Here are some online therapy services you can check out and explore! Read on to learn more.

Online Therapy: How to Find the Best Therapists
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Both practitioners have the clinical experience of at least three years and 1,000 hours. Counselors are psychologists, family therapists, social health workers, or certified professional counselors, and they have a wide variety of skills. 

To get started, you can sign up using a "nickname" as opposed to your real name, and you will be asked to provide emergency contact information that is kept in the system and used only if the counselor believes that you or someone else could be at risk.


However, the bulk of chats are not in real-time. You may leave a message instead, and your therapist will reply in a timely fashion (they normally answer messages one or two times a day). 

As for the rate, Betterhelp begins the first month at $65 a week. Afterward, the rate ranges between $60 and $80 a week, depending on the duration of the contract.


Amwell is a robust telemedicine platform offering connections to physicians, clinicians, and specialists. Their mobile app offers access to experts 365 days a year, every time of the day. 


If you set up an account, you can select the form of service you would like to provide (they provide non-therapy services, like emergency treatment, help for breastfeeding, dermatology, cardiology, etc.). 

You would also be given the opportunity to make a consultation with different therapists. You should study each therapist's photograph and biography before selecting the one with whom you wish to work. 

The cost of each appointment ranges between $59 and $99, depending on the therapist's experience and qualifications.


You pick from the available responses, and then you are given a few potential therapist matches instantly that can help with your particular needs. 

Talkspace has vetted each and trained them to use the platform. Talkspace has three-thirds of service to sell. You can send an infinite amount of email, video, and audio messages to your therapist for each, and your therapist will respond every day, five days a week.

Their services range from $65 to $99, which is billed monthly. If you pay in advance for three months, save 10% or pay in advance for six months and save 20%. Video add-on sessions cost $65 / 30 minutes. 

Couple counseling is $99 per week, always monthly billed, and eligible for discounts when paying for a long-term contract.

7 Cups of Tea

7 Cups of Tea offers something other places don't — the opportunity to speak to professional listeners for free. 

You can talk to a professional volunteer listener via online chat if you are looking for emotional help, but can't afford therapy, or you aren't sure you want to see a therapist

Another special thing is that 7 Cups of Tea do have listeners available for adolescents aged 13 and 17. And for those looking for more help, there are teen discussion forums and chat rooms available too. 

When you want to meet with a licensed professional, you will pay for it as well. Prices start at $33 a week, and you can get a three-day free trial to check the service for you and see how it works.

Doctor on Demand

Online Therapy: How to Find the Best Therapists
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Doctor on Demand is ideally suited for short-term emotional and mental health appointments and prescriptions. When you have a disease needing close supervision, then you should see your doctor. 

A live chat session with a mental health professional will need to be scheduled, and the chat fee depends on the type of treatment you receive. 

You can browse a list of qualified licensed therapists in your state to select one, and then read their biographies and choose with whom you wish to work. And, of course, in subsequent sessions, you choose to meet with the same therapist.


These days when technology is in our reach, services like these are available whenever you need it. Try out these services now!