Principal Financial Group is behind Principal 401K. The company is based out of Des Moines, Iowa, and is one of the most popular financial services that offer insurance policies and investment opportunities.

The primary focus of the company is related to retirement plans. However, the firm also centers on people who want to invest cash for good ROI


Actually, Principal 401K from Principal Financial Group has been on the market for 140 years. The offer is available for US residents, as well as UK, India, and Hong Kong citizens.

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Principal 401k

The Team

Principal 401K is run by some of the most reliable people in the banking sector. Dan Houston is the CEO of Principal 401k, and other notable people include Deanna Strable-Soethout, Tej Dhawan, and Jon Couture. 

Experience in Trade

Primary links you to a vendor with a variety of active asset allocations and placement choices. With easy control over both enrolled and out-of-court trading programs, you or a licensed investment professional can invest in your Principal 401K plan.


Span and Age Restrictions

You can participate in this plan until you are seventy and a half years of age. You may contribute as much as $19,000 annually, with an extra $6,000 available if you are over the age of 50. You may withdraw funds after age 59. 

You are allowed to collect your money after the age of 55, though, depending on specific conditions. In addition, you may be able to rollover your Principal 401K plan to a different pension fund.

Benefits and Features

This firm offers a Principal Total Retirement Suite that blends the finest benefits from numerous retirement plans, enabling you to personalize and aggregate your retirement benefit plans. You will also get third-party administration arrangements (TPA) and trustee assistance to comply with the regulations.


The budget can be expanded globally. The main one gives easy reference to 86 retirement-focused and under-advised options for investment. 

It also gives clients the opportunity to gain insight into over 5,000 third-party funds. Principal 401K is suitable for that and much more. 

The portfolio can be scaled up worldwide. The primary gives you access to 86 sub-assessed and retirement-oriented pension fund options. It also has access to over 5,000 offshore investment trusts.


The enterprise has a multi-managerial vision and environment. You can contact the organization's official hotline to speak with them about their current contribution program opportunities. You can even reach the support team through the mobile application.

Fees and Expenses

Several fees and expenses can be incurred, such as penalty tax consequences if you choose to withdraw from your 401k prior to the proper date. For more information on business costs or spread rates, go to their homepage and sign up or sign in.

Director's Review on Principal 401K

The manager has a strong Principal 401K plan. The next few points are what makes Principal different as a firm.

  • The corporation has a score of 81, which is above par compared to the competition.
  • The company has full client management support, with each client getting support from multi-managerial financial experts.
  • Principal's comprehensive retirement plan suite enables you to mix the benefits of numerous financial services plans in conjunction with your existing benefits package.
  • You can also work with committed consultants, TPAs, and plan sponsorships to overview your objectives, so you can adjust your pension package to suit your individual requirements.

The Principal 401K keeps you up-to-date on anti-money laundering and fraudulent accounting policies throughout your Business Continuity Planning program. Generally, the firm gives comprehensive coverage of all the services and commodities it purchases and distributes, its procurement practices, and its vendor base.

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Principal 401k


In conclusion, Principal 401K is one of the most popular issuers for insurance policies. With several personalized documents, 401K is one of the most reliable insurance companies. 

Make sure you check it out if you want to earn a good return on your investment. This is perhaps one of the most secure investment packages you can find, and it is a great option to save for retirement.

And if you are looking for an insurance company that will not break the bank, but will protect all of your assets, take a look here.